Psychedelic Comedy Bromance

A Psychedelic Comedy Bromance is a Duo Trope that results from an Odd Couple or other Comedic Duo acting as the protagonists in a world where they are likely to come across High Weirdness, Cosmic Horror, or other trippy or terrifying happenings. This could be a High Fantasy setting, but it is often just a version of the ordinary world where supernatural, highly improbable, or otherwise wild things just happen to happen. The duo contends with the weirdness as best they know how. They may both be seriously endangered when reality goes on the fritz, or the Straight Man may not be able to cope with the oddities and lets the Lovable Rogue deal with it, though they may be an Adventure Duo who are well-equipped to handle the situation.

Notable examples:


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    Live Action TV 

     Western Animation