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Gay Groom in a White Tux
This is a trope about fictional portrayals of gay men's weddings, in which one of them will invariably be wearing a white tuxedo, and the other a black tuxedo. The reason for this trope is that a white tuxedo functions as a man's take on the bride's white dress. Sometimes, a Gender Flip will be seen in which two women marry and one of them, usually a Butch Lesbian, wears a black tuxedo, pantsuit, or skirt suit while the other, often a Lipstick Lesbian, wears a traditional wedding dress.

There's some Truth in Television to this, but many gay couples in Real Life avoid this simply by dressing the same or at least not following the black/white dynamic. But since there's no clear-cut image in the mainstream consciousness of what a gay wedding is suppose to look like, such couples arguably have more freedom than straights in picking and choosing which traditions to keep or discard.


Comic Books
  • Midnighter wore a white version of his costume when he married Apollo in The Authority. They also tend to be drawn in outfits like this in fanart, but with the colors reversed, since their uniforms and white and black.


Live-Action TV
  • Noah's Arc: A variant in the movie, the tuxes are light gray.
  • Happy Endings: Eric wore one to his wedding with Derrick. Oddly enough, Derrick is by far the more effeminate, yet was wearing a conventional black suit.

Web Comics
  • Averted. or maybe doubled, in Questionable Content has the marriage of Henry and Maurice. Both grooms are in white.

Western Animation
  • Inverted in South Park: Big Gay Al and Mr. Slave both wear dresses when they get married.
  • In The Simpsons, Patty nearly gets married in a suit, while her bride really a cross-dressing man wears a dress.

Real Life

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