Crunk is an infamous, widely-reviled subgenre of Southern Rap, which is a rather hated type of music to begin with. As such, crunk is not only considered by the The Scrappy of Hip Hop, but of music in general. Created by the Three Six Mafia in the 1990's and codified in the early 2000s by Lil Jon, crunk (a portmanteau of crazy and drunk) quickly rose to the forefront of hip-hop. Crunk is generally loud, with danceable beats being the primary focus, with lyrics, which are often immature, formulaic or downright offensive, taking a back seat. Songs often take place In Da Club, which is also where crunk music is frequently played, along with at parties, raves and other, similar venues. Most crunk music comes from Atlanta, Georgia.

Crunk typically features minimalistic, bass-heavy instrumentals, chanted choruses, lots and lots of Cluster F-Bomb and N-Word Privileges (to the point where every other word can be a curse word), overt sexism (there are actually several female crunk rappers like Ciara and Rasheeda, but they're mainly there as Ms. Fanservice and tend to objectify themselves) and overly belligerent, simplistic and grammatically inaccurate lyrics about the club, casual sex, the club, using and dealing drugs, the club, partying, the club, killing people, the club, criminal activity and girls' butts. The lyrics are almost universally hated, with even the genre's defenders admitting that they're terrible and that they only like the music for their beats. Trap Music is a notable derivative.

Examples of crunk rappers