Container Cling
Stealthy like a cowboy.

The Hero is hiding under a box. The villain is coming closer and closer. He's going to get caught. The villain lifts up the box and... huh? Where'd he go?

Then the camera shifts. The hero is actually wedging himself inside the box to avoid detection. Usually an Animated Trope. Of course, there's Fridge Logic involved. The character lifting the box should notice that it is a whole person heavier than it was, but doesn't. Behind the Black is in there somewhere too.

Compare: Shell Game, Gone Behind the Bend, Behind a Stick, Ceiling Cling, and Underside Ride


Animated Films
  • Woody does this in Toy Story (pictured above) to avoid being tied to a rocket by Sid.
  • In An American Tail, Fievel escapes the Cossack cats by clinging to the lid of a teapot. He narrowly avoids detection when a cat looks under the lid, but he moves to the other side just in time.
  • In Megamind, the titular character clings to the door that Titan ripped off while searching for him.

Anime and Manga
  • Berserk: In the Conviction Arc, Guts reaches Bishop Mozgus' torture chamber only to find that everyone who remained inside was reduced to skeletons by the gelatinous monsters that came out of the Iron Maiden. He notices one of the torturers' empty helmets scooting along the floor all by itself, and when he picks it up he finds Puck the elf clinging to the inside.

Live-Action Films
  • In the film version of Matilda, Matilda is hiding under a table from the wicked Principal Trunchbull. When the Trunchbull gets near the table, she lifts up the tablecloth, but doesn't see Matilda. It turns out Matilda was clinging to the underside of the table.
  • In Hanna, assassins are looking for the titular character. one checks under the bed and finds nothing, only for us to see that she it clinging to the underside of the frame.
  • In Van Helsing, Mr. Hyde traps Van Helsing under a church bell, then hears the sound of his buzzsaw weapons and lifts the bell to find a round hole in the floor. It turns out Van Helsing was actually still hiding in the bell, and slices off one of Hyde's arms.

Western Animation