Literature: The Witches of Karres

The Witches of Karres is a science fiction adventure-comedy novel by James H Schmitz.

When Captain Pausert buys three children out of slavery, he finds himself in a universe of trouble. The sisters Maleen, Goth, and the Leewit are psychics from the mysterious planet Karres, and every other planet in the galaxy (including, as he soon discovers, the planet he had hitherto called home) either shuns them or wants to capture them for their powers.

And then there's the vatch.

Half a century later, it spawned two sequels published by Baen Books: The Wizard of Karres by Eric Flint, Dave Freer, and Mercedes Lackey; and The Sorceress of Karres by Eric Flint and Dave Freer.

The Witches of Karres provides examples of:

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The Witches Of Karres