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Literature: Sally Lockhart
Sally Lockhart

A series of books by Philip Pullman about Sally Lockhart, a young woman living in Victorian London, who solves various mysteries with the help of her friends.

The four books in the series are:
  • The Ruby in the Smoke
  • The Shadow in the North
  • The Tiger in the Well
  • The Tin Princess

Main Characters:
  • Sally Lockhart: Main character, a young woman who develops a passion for solving mysteries after her father's death. "Uncommonly pretty" and works as a financial consultant.
  • Jim Taylor: Sally's friend, a lovable young Londoner who is courageous and outgoing. An office boy, he helps Sally solve her mysteries.
  • Frederick Garland: Love interest for Sally, a photographer with an imaginative streak.
  • Ah Ling: Villain in several of the books.
  • Adelaide: Orphan who becomes a main character through the series.

The first two novels were adapted for television by BBC, notably starring Doctor Who's Billie Piper and Matt Smith as Sally and Jim Taylor.


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