Literature: Neogicia

Néogicia is a Spin-Off of the French Noob franchise. The parent franchise is centered around a fictional MMORPG named Horizon, that has its own Non-Player Characters and is set in a world named Olydri. In Néogicia, Olydri is the real world and its inhabitants living and breathing people.

The work focuses on the Empire, the technology side of The Magic Versus Technology War and the faction in which the Noob protagonists are playing. One of the faction's trademarks is neogicians, people who underwent Bio-Augmentation that enhances greatly their physical and mental capabilities at the price of cutting them off from the world's magic system and can transmit the feature to their children. The story is told from the First-Person Perspective of Saly Asigar, a young woman who decides to become a neogician. When the procedure has unsual results, Emperor Keynn Lucans get her enrolled into Memoria, the prestigious academy for neogicians that he founded.

Néogicia provides examples of:

  • Bio-Augmentation: All neogicians are the direct or indirect result of this.
  • Blessed with Suck:
    • There's a certain prestige at being born a neogician, but it keeps one from leaving Centralis before the age of twenty-five except during education-related missions. This greatly annoys Loreley.
    • The physical features enhanced by becoming a neogician include feeling pain.
  • Brains and Brawn: Saly wants to become a doctor at first, Loreley a solider.
  • Fantastic Racism: Born neogicians towards those who underwent the procedure within their lifetime.
  • First Episode Spoiler/Spoiled by the Format: The procedure that makes people into neogicians also has a decent chance of being fatal in the very short term. Even for those that didn't get to see Saly's Early-Bird Cameo in the third Noob novel, it's quite obvious that the book would have been much shorter is she weren't going to survive.
  • Immortal Procreation Clause: Albius Loy suspects this is the reason for which the Lucans keep the genetical modification that makes them Long Lived for themselves. He also speculates that after Sirius Lucans died at more than a tousand years old, Keynn may have reached the point of becoming sterile, hence his lack of hurry for having a child.
  • The Magic Versus Technology War: The same downplayed version as that from Noob, with plenty of magic users withing the Empire and technology attempts on the Coalition's side.
  • The Mentor: Albius Loy to Saly in the early part of the book. Her evolving ambitions hint that Loster Brom may take on that role later.
  • Psycho Sidekick: Keynn Lucans is being the Benevolent Boss while his brother Nox is doing the dirty work.
  • Saved by Canon: The Noob novels basically give Plot Armour to Saly Asigar, Loster Brom, Saryahblööd and both Lucans brothers.
  • Science Fantasy: Magic and high-tech both exist in the work's universe, but being focused on the non-magic users makes it a littler closer to Science Fiction.
  • Really 700 Years Old: Keynn Lucans, more than 1000 years chronologically, estimated to be in his early thirties by Saly before she found out.
  • Red-Headed Heroine: Saly has red hair.
  • Replacement Goldfish: Discussed by Albius Loy after admitting to having a daughter who left home and that he misses very much. He assures Saly that she's not this.