Literature / Kinetic Adventures

A Troper Work created by Metal Shadow X.

In 2010, 18 year old Roxanne Kaizen, inspired by her sisterís abduction as a child and the return of her ambitious childhood friend Macario Valdez, uses powers inherited from her extraterrestrial mother to become Star Lass, a Kinetic crime fighter. Rio eventually joins her as Willpower; though nowhere near as powerful, he attempts to help Roxy with her hero duties and personal life. Eventually, suppressed feelings between them emerge when Rio introduces Roxy to his schoolmate Claire who later becomes the Cannon Queen. By the end of part 1, they are accompanied by two young heroes Claire had started tutoring: Merle (Crow) and Tom (Sonic Servo).

The stories revolve around these characters and their lives as both crime fighters and members of society.

Here is a link to the chapters, of which there are currently eight of. An alternate link is here.

As of early January 2013, the series has been effectively canceled in place of a Continuity Reboot in the form of Superzeroes. However, it will still have an ending at some point.

Not to be confused with the Xbox 360 game Kinect Adventures.

NOTE: I am currently open to any ideas or suggestions.
     Chapter list 

  • 1. A Star Lass Is Born
  • 2. Shadow and Sorcery
  • 3. The Rise of Willpower
  • 4. As the Crow Flies
  • 5. Third Wheel Syndrome
  • 6. The Servo Solution
  • 7. Divide By Rio
  • 8. The Meaning of Fear
  • 9. The Astute Astra
  • 10. Foreclosure of a Dream

The series contains the following tropes: