Lets Play / Phantom Savage

—typical intro to one of his videos

"Phantom Savage is not a Let's Player. Phantom Savage is an experience."
—a youtube comment that nicely sums up his style

PhantomSavage is a Let's Player from the world of Youtube, with a moderate 23K subs as of March 2016. Definitely one of the crazier ones, as brilliantly demonstrated in his Dead Rising LP (his most popular work). He's known for his tendency to yell really loudly in his videos, as well as for not keeping a schedule. Recently, he started doing fandubs of random series and posting the results on his channel. Occasionally he will take requests.

He is a friend of both Tatsudoshi and The Khold One, evidenced by his frequent appearances in both of their videos. He has also started a co-op channel with his friend, KZ (YouTube name Goddammit Joel) called TheBasterdBrothers. He has an infrequently updated website (where he's uploaded longer, better quality versions of some LP's), here.

Phantom has LP'd the following games:

Tropes included in Phantom's work include: