Ho Yay: Cowboy Bebop

  • Cowboy Bebop has a surprising amount of this between Faye and Ed, ranging from Ed affectionately calling her "Faye-fairy" (cute, but relatively innocuous) to Faye kissing Ed on the mouth in a very weird attempt to wake someone up.
    • Don't forget Faye's super manipulative behavior towards Ed, is Ed that crazy to believe Faye, or is Ed...
  • The sexual tension between Faye and Julia from nearly the moment they meet had plenty of viewers asking "dudes, is Faye hot for Spike's girlfriend or what?"
    • When Jet asks Broken Bird Faye what Julia was like, Faye responds with "Ordinary. A beautiful, dangerous ordinary that you can't leave alone. Like an angel from the underworld, or maybe a devil from paradise".
    • It's also interesting to note that in young Faye's message to her future self in Speak Like a Child, she speculates on her future relationship status thusly: "Am I alone? Or is there a wonderful person beside me?" The lack of a specified gender could indicate she's bisexual.
  • Can't analyze Cowboy Bebop's Ho Yay without mentioning Gren/Vicious It's even more visible if you have in mind that Gren tells Faye that he is not interested in women, twice.
    • There's quite a bit of this implied in the Spike/Vicious/Julia backstory as well.
  • One of the background songs, Don't Bother None, is about a grifter who picks up a girl in a bar only to wake up the next morning to find she's stolen their car. This song is sung by female vocalist Mai Yamane, as is Want It All Back, a complaint about all the money spent on a high-maintenance ex-girlfriend.