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Awesome: Cowboy Bebop
  • Spike of Cowboy Bebop has many such moments:
  • Ed and Ein also have their day, chasing down a mushroom smuggler. Although admittedly this is after Ed has tricked the rest of the crew into eating some of the bad mushrooms and getting completely spaced out on them.
  • Doohan's surprise launch of a re-built space shuttle Columbia is even more impressive considering this is his only appearance.
  • The episode Toys in the Attic features the most awesome failure to light a cigarette in the history of mankind. Spike's facial expressions through said failure just make it more awesome.
    • The refrigerator in this episode deserves its own place here for having an entire ecosystem inside it.
    • The whole episode could be considered one; from Faye cheating Jet out of all of his clothing in a game of dice, to Spike cooking with a flamethrower, to the lobster scene and beyond; for an episode that's out of the norm for Bebop, it's amazing how well everything works.
    • ... and then there's the ending, which is too awesome for words.
      • Well, except for a few:
      "... and what was the real lesson?
      Don't leave things in the fridge."
  • Faye holding a gun to a perp's head in Waltz For Venus. Specifically, the gun on her spaceship.
  • Spike's showdown with Andy in Cowboy Funk definitely qualifies.
  • The animation team should get one just for "Ask DNA". How many series put that much effort opening sequence to the movie? And it seems to have been rotoscoped, no less.
  • When Spike calmly enters the enemy's base, while they're all searching like mad for him, drops a grenade, and kicks it at them.
  • Ed vandalizing South America. That's right, the continent.
    • Earlier that episode, she hacked into a ship's computer and controlled its flight to crash about a mile away. Nice character introduction.
    • At the end, she hacks into the Bebop and lands it perfectly, just because she wants to join.
  • The Movie has at least six:
    • Spike and Jet defusing a hostage situation in a gas station robbery.
    • Spike and Electra's method of escaping from a prison cell.
    • Spike's aerial chase where he shakes off three other ships, crashes in the middle of a traffic jam on a bridge, then hops out and yells "Taxi!"
      • That scene has the best music in the movie and show. It's also combined with the longest, most stunt-filled aerial battle in Cowboy Bebop. Truly awesome stuff.
    • The three old men taking to the skies in an antique biplane.
    • Faye taking over the weather control dome to save the inhabitants of Mars from Vincent's terrorist attack.
    "Me? I'm just a gun-totin' weather girl!" (fires her machine gun into the roof)
    • Spike's final showdown with Vincent.
  • Vincent during the train fight. He performs the moment of all martial arts moves when he grabs Spike's ribcage bones with his fingers through his skin and slowly begins to twist it. Then he detonates a grenade in the palm of his own hand.
  • Faye gets one when she shoots out tires while thugs are chasing Julia. Seeing her take down car after car with little effort truly earns her Action Girl status.
  • Rocco flipping a guy on his ass in the middle of a big gunfight using the skill that Spike taught him was pretty awesome. Especially considering the technique is all about keeping a calm mind and that particular situation was the exact opposite of calm. A shame that he dies literally immediately afterward.
  • Vicious deserves major props for taking on a gun-wielding Badass like Spike Speigel with nothing but a katana. Just try saying being that skilled and effective in a post-modern setting with a sword isn't cool.
  • How about the fact that the show debuted on September 2, 2001, on the very day that adultswim did, and it's STILL BEING SHOWN TODAY, having recently celebrated it's 10TH ANNIVERSARY! Not too shabby for a 26 episode series!
    • Unfortunately, that is no longer the case... (See Tear Jerker)
  • Ed's dad. See this seemingly harmless, map making, kid forgetting ditz? Yeah. All those eggs did him good, as he's able to mop the floor with Spike and Jet, with surprisingly little effort.
  • Jet coming to Spike's rescue with a construction vehicle in the first episode.
  • Rocco, a bumbling youth who Spike got suckered into mentoring in the ways of fighting, achieves a fluid state as he was taught for one brief moment before he's shot through the heart.

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