Funny: Cowboy Bebop

  • Cowboy Bebop had several moments when not being made of awesome, but for pure, silent character comedy, nothing tops Spike attempting and failing to light his cigarette with a flamethrower in the episode Toys in the Attic.
    Jet: Don't you have any real medicine that's just for sores and wounds?
    Spike: That would be this. (Holds up a dried-out lizard)
    Jet: Ugh! That heals wounds?
    Spike: Yep. Squish it up and boil it in three cups of water, and when it turns green and goopy, you drink it.
    Jet: Spike, isn't there something more, you know...different?
    Spike: Oh yeah, I got it.
    Jet: Yeah, gimme that! (Spike holds up a dried-up scorpion) Ugh! I'll take the other thing.
    • Spike is running a cross-check of viruses on the Bebop's computer to see what might have infected Jet:
      Spike: I'm checking the files for some similar toxins. Cryptosporidium?...No, that's not it. Cholera? (Jet winces) Nope, it's not that. (Jet sighs in relief) Ebola virus? (Jet winces again) Nope.
    • Spike's closing narration:
      So that's the story. And what was the real lesson? Don't leave things in the fridge.
    • And during the Coming Attractions, Ed has a great one, sadly informing the audience that the rest of the cast have died, and then cheerfully declaring that, not to worry, she'll be continuing the series as "Cowgirl Ed!" Spike, Jet, and Faye immediately break in to object to being written off as dead and the show being changed.
  • This scene from Jamming with Edward:
    Spike: You know Jet that there are three things I really hate?
    Jet: (disinterested) Really?
    Spike: Kids. Animals. Women with attitudes.
    (camera switches to outside view, showing a MASSIVE smiley-face spanning across South America)
    Jet: I don't know and I have no opinion.
  • The first episode with the fight that ended up with Spike kicking someone off him on top of a car?
    • And Jet spelling out exactly how Spike's recklessness while bringing in their last bounty cost them all the reward money, as Spike's Oh, Crap expression gets bigger with each item.
  • All of Cowboy Funk, Unfortunate Implications of the Teddy Bomber aside.
    Andy: Now, why don't we drink to me, and my reflection in your lovely eye?
    • Cowboy Andy rides a horse everywhere and has his own background music that plays whenever he's about to show up. Spike hates him because he's a complete moron who's a walking lampshade hung on Spike's cool, badass image.
    • Next episode: Brain Scratch.. er.. Andy's Counterattack!
      • The absolute best bit, though, is the massive Brick Joke at the very end. At the beginning of the episode, Faye and Jet say they'd be more inclined to believe Spike's story of being held if perhaps Cowboy Andy had been a samurai instead. Towards very end, Andy decides to give up being a cowboy, handing his hat off to Spike and declaring him the true cowboy (even using the Every Episode Ending as he walks off.) The last thing we see in the episode? Andy has, in fact, decided to become a samurai, and he rides off in full regalia into the sunset. But that's not even the best part—the end text changes to "See you space samurai" to accommodate.
  • Speak Like A Child is one of the greatest Shaggy Dog Stories ever: after a dangerous and arduous quest to get an appropriate tape player to view a Beta(ish) cassette which could contain the answers about Faye's past, it turns out they snatched a VHS player instead. Then a Beta player arrives in the mail anyway.
    • More specifically, when Spike and Jet take the cassette to an absolute nut job of an old movie fan, which would be funny enough. When the video doesn't work however Spike kicks the video player, destroying it in the process and absolutely freaking out the store owner. Even better, after the first few times Spike starts kicking the VCR, Jet tells him that kicking it won't help. Spike ignores him and continues kicking until after it breaks, upon which Jet's words finally register to him.
  • The episode that became the Trope Namer for Mushroom Samba? Especially that bit with the coffin being run over by a truck.
    • The crew are inspecting a piece of damaged equipment when Ed looks in.
      Ed: Ed will help!
      Ed proceeds to destroy the equipment.
      Spike: Gee thanks, Ed.
    • Also the shroom sequences are all amusing, but nothing will ever be as hilarious as Ein hopping around like a wind-up toy dog.
      Frog: Hey, mister. This here is the stairway to heaven. You know that, don'tcha?
      Spike: Obnoxious little frog..
  • Faye: (in Jupiter Jazz) "Which one are you?!"
  • From Ballad of Fallen Angels:
    Faye: Oh, you're finally up, huh? You slept too much, you've been asleep three days. Yeah, I was starting to worry about you. Hey, you should be grateful to me for staying here.
    [Spike beckons her over]
    Spike: You sing off-key.
    [Spike screams in pain and Faye angrily storms out of the room]
  • When Rocco realizes he's standing next to Piccaro while he's peeing in the bathroom. Then Piccaro's henchmen show up, claiming that they lost Rocco.
    • In the same episode; Faye is looking for Piccaro and has a lead. She busts down the door of the apartment of the guy with said lead, and, without skipping a beat, says "I want to know where Piccaro is, a quick answer would be nice." While shoving her gun into his mouth. While he's in bed with and very much on top of his male lover. Bit of a double meaning there, and this is followed up with a second chuckle when he tries to mumble the answer out while her gun is still in his mouth, only for Faye to say, "What was that?" with a confused look on her face.
    • Spike's Helium Speech. Especially the way he reacts to it.
  • Ed taking a nap by unwittingly using Ein as a headpillow. Ein's reaction is priceless.
  • Jet and Ed pretending to be father and daughter (the latter wearing an adorable pink dress) while trying to get information on a hospital patient. The only thing funnier than Jet's sob story getting the guard in tears, is Ed constantly clinging to Jet while cheering "Papa!"
    Ed: (outside the hospital, tugging on Jet's shirt) Papa!
    Jet: (Groans in annoyance) Not now.
    Ed: Papa!
    • Then during the above story.
      Guard: She's an unusual child. Is she a girl?
      Ed: (Clings to Jet) My Papa!
  • In The Real Folk Blues, the "bimbo" co-host's reaction to abruptly learning, on-air, that her bounty-hunter program has been canceled.
  • The part of Ganymede Elegy where Spike's statement about how not all women are like Faye is immediately proven right by Ed.
    Faye: Ya know, [Jet's] kidding himself if he thinks his old girlfriend still carries a torch for him.
    Spike: And you're kidding yourself if you think every woman's like you. They're not, ya know.
    Ed: Duty calls! 3 o'clock tea!
    Faye Scowls.
  • Almost every next episode preview in the English dub is hilarious. Especially when they feature Ed, and especially when they feature some wangsty musing by one of the crew, which someone immediately lampshades.
  • The Bebop's crew reacting towards Meifa in Boogie Woogie Feng Shui.
    Ed: Are you his girlfriend?
  • From Pierrot le Fou, when Faye is trying to read the message on the screen that Ed is carrying around on her head, she has to lift Ed off the floor by the head to stop her from continually moving the screen around, while Faye's reading the message, Ed's still swinging from side to side and waving her arms.
  • The episode Brain Scratch is pure gold; first, the look on Spike and Jet's faces when they spot Faye on TV. Second, when Spike tries to use beer as a substitute for milk on cereal.
  • Spike's reaction when the men on Calisto accuse him of being Vicious can only be described as, well, vicious.
    Spike: You think I'm Vicious?! (curb stomping ensues)