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Heartwarming: Yotsuba&!
You are required by law to grin in delight at least once per chapter.
  • Most heartwarming moments in the series are provoked by Yotsuba's wide-eyed gasp of astonishment at some new, mundane discovery.
  • Any chapter and moment that simply comprises Yotsuba spending time with her dad, and any time where it's evident how much they love each other and get along like any other father and his daughter.
  • To make a full list, you could easily say "Start with episode one; continue." One could argue that the series doesn't qualify for a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming because there's really no crowning moment — the whole thing is just so dang heartwarming.
  • In Chapter 5, when Yotsuba and Koiwai are out shopping and Koiwai finds her sleeping in a bed with nearby customers laughing and fawning over her. Doubles as a Funny Moment.
  • In Chapter 7 when Koiwai talks about Yotsuba with Fuuka:
    Koiwai: She'll be fine. She can find happiness in anything. Nothing in this world can get her down. Nothing.
  • Chapter 16
    • Yotsuba is expecting a souvenir from Asagi even though she simply went on a casual outing rather than trip. When Asagi returns she simply smiles at Yotsuba and says "Huh?" when the latter asks for her gift. It dawns on Yotsuba that Asagi forgot, and she sadly starts walking away... only for Asagi to call out to her and bring out some fireworks to share with everyone. It shows that not only she didn't forget her promise, but she chose a pretty good present too, even though she didn't have to.
    • When her mum asks about it, Asagi says she got them for her because Yotsuba gave her a four leaf clover in the previous chapter, and the fireworks are her way of saying thanks. This is even though the four leaf clover was initially given to her as thanks for her previous souvenir to Yotsuba.
  • Chapter 18:
    • Yotsuba is going around handing out flowers to random people. She gives one to a police woman, telling her to do her best. Right before the scene shifts, we see a panel of the police woman saying "I will do my best." with a smile on her face. Just goes to show how one act of kindness can make anyone's day better.
    • One old man, who pretends he just came back from the dead, tells Yotsuba that heaven is filled with flowers and good food. Yotsuba then goes home to see her father cooking her favorite meal next to several big bouquets, and says "Heaven."
  • In Chapter 21, Yotsuba learns how awesome fireworks shows are. They even printed a two-page panel of the fireworks IN COLOR!
  • In Chapter 27 when Asagi shows Yotsuba what tsukutsukuboshi really are.
  • In Chapter 29, Yotsuba helps do chores for the Ayase family. Fuuka carrying a sleeping Yotsuba afterward to a futon for her to rest in tops it off.
  • In Chapter 31 "Earth is best after all, right?"
  • In Chapter 34 there's the journey home from a day at the beach, with everyone falling asleep on the train.
  • In Chapter 40, Yotsuba attempts to follow and find Fuuka at her school - and succeeds. All so she can give her the expensive milk she promised her in the previous chapter. Fuuka is touched (but mostly shocked and impressed).
    Fuuka: Th-thank you. You're incredible Yotsuba-chan..
  • In Chapter 54 when Yotsuba's spinning the acorns and her dad just smiles at her.
  • In Chapter 72, Yanda starts treating Yotsuba better. A little.
  • Asagi fixed Duralumin's voicebox while Yotsuba going through a Heroic BSOD.
  • Yotsuba is excited about going on a camping trip, until she finds out that Yanda is going with them. She's being very grumpy on the drive over, so Yanda has the other girls draw on his face to make her laugh.
  • One chapter has nothing particularly flashy happening, but Jumbo visits to watch Yotsuba while her dad finishes working; Jumbo brings her a book on animals after looking through Tora's pictures of the recent hot air balloon event, and he sits with her as she discovers the stickers in the book and eagerly puts together her own zoo; Yotsuba starts to get tired, but stays awake because she wants to play with her dad and Jumbo, and it's just such an accurate depiction of a kid that age that it can't help but be endearing; Dad decides it's time for bed, and Jumbo has to agree to come back tomorrow so they can all play then.
    • The next chapter has Yotsuba holding hands with her dad and Jumbo while they walk through the parking lot of the electronics store. She counts off and they both swing her by her hands, and many readers remembered a time when they would do the exact same thing with their parents.
  • In volume 10, Yotsuba lies about breaking a teacup. Her dad then proceeds to scare her into telling the truth by taking her to a graveyard. After that happens though, he picks her up and this exchange follows:
    Dad: I don't care that you broke the teacup. Or that you broke the window. Or that you spilled coffee. That doesn't matter.
    Yotsuba: ...Even if I break another plate?
    Dad: That's fine. It's your job to screw up.
    Yotsuba: Even if I break your computer?
    Dad: Let's... not get too carried away. But... don't lie. Okay?
    Yotsuba: Okay. I won't lie anymore.
    • He then proceeds to play the same game with her that caused the cup to get broken.
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