Trivia / Yotsuba&!

  • Fan Nickname:
    • Yotsuba appears on 4chan's 404 Not Found page, and is thus known as "404 Girl".
    • A recurring character that Yotsuba sometimes plays with was called "Dotty" by the fans, after her eyes being always drawn as 2 dots. After being unnamed for a good while, she was eventually given the nickname "Mi-chan" in the chapter "Yotsuba & the Sandpit".
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: Not the series itself, but ADV Manga's translation of the first five volumes have been out of print, with Yen Press deciding to make an entirely new translation for their editions instead. The difference isn't massive, but those wanting to compare the two, or simply prefer the older translation, may have to look a bit.
  • Schedule Slip: Averted. The inconsistent schedule for Yotsuba's chapter releases leads many readers (especially new ones) to wonder if this is so, however Azuma purposely chooses to not to update the series all that frequently nor consistently. It's been stated or implied that he only writes the series for his own amusement. He also has taken a long break so he can focus on other things such as conventions.
  • What Could Have Been: Translation-wise: ADV Manga had plans to translate vol. 6, with their translation of vol. 5 even saying it'd be released in 2008. However, it missed that date, and an English version of vol. 6 wouldn't be released until Yen Press got the license.
  • Word of God: Despite its immense popularity, Azuma has stated himself that he doesn't intend the series to ever be adapted into an anime. This is because he thinks the simple nature of the manga won't come across well in an anime format. It doesn't stop many readers from asking about or nagging for an anime adaptation.
    • On a God Never Said That note, he's rejected rumours that the lack of anime is due to him being unhappy with Azumanga Daioh's adaptation and having friction between some staff. However he's said that "it's not good to have two people competing for control of an anime production", which does imply he prefers to have his own control over Yotsuba&!.