Heartwarming / Veep

  • In Season 2, Selina shows repeated concern for Amy's father's health and lets her leave work. Even Dan, in his sociopathic way, tries to express some empathy at the hospital.
  • In "East Wing," Selina has a brief Mama Bear moment when Kent informs her that he's been polling Catherine's popularity among the American public. Turns straight into a crowning moment of funny towards the end.
    Selina: How. Dare. You. How could you have the audacity to- (takes a quick peak at the polling data) Oh. Oh, these are not good.
  • After everyone else's tacit disapproval of Selina refusing to forgive her horrible mother on her deathbed, Tom James finally tells her exactly what she needs to hear: "I hated my father."
  • When Catherine comes out as a lesbian, Selina manages to tear herself away from all the other big things she's dealing with to say she's happy for her.
  • Selina tries to comfort Catherine when she breaks up with Marjorie. Key word being 'tries', but it's the thought that counts.
  • The beginning of Catherine and Marjorie's relationship is incredibly sweet, with Marjorie hesitantly asking her out with her face offscreen. The next we see is them in bed together, Marjorie showing by far the most emotion we've ever seen from her as she playfully calls Catherine "Lesbo."
  • In "Inauguration", when news breaks that Montez will be President instead of Tom, denying Selina even the Vice-Presidency, Gary proves that his first and only loyalty is to Selina, as he roundly chews out the rest of the staff both for only caring how the news affects them, and for how awful they've been at supporting her over the years.
    "At least I cared! I did my job. I fucking cared."
    • Later, Selina drowning her sorrows with Richard, admitting that he was the best person on her staff and that she wished she's had more of him.