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The fourth season will be called POTUS
In the same way Yes, Minister became Yes, Prime Minister. That show was Armando Iannucci's main inspiration for creating The Thick of It (of which Veep is loosely an American adaptation) so this will be done as a tribute.
  • Jossed.

In New Hampshire Selina caused her own 3rd place defeat
By refusing to meet with Maddox when he requested, Selina lost an opportunity to pick up his endorsement. Maddox may have only had 6% of the vote, but she only needed 1% to beat Thornhill and come in second to Chung. Maddox endorses Chung not to long after Selina refuses his request to meet.

The series will end with Selina breaking down in front of the country
After being pushed and pulled in so many directions and stonewalled by so many people trying to protect their own interests, she'll drop all pretense and tell everyone (in her own Cluster F-Bomb Selina style) how much bullshit goes on inside the American government.

Tom James will become president, and Selina will be his Veep
At first I thought James would become the new Veep and the main character of the next season. But he's just so cool that he'd be a Mary Sue if he was the main character, rather than someone for Selina to be jealous of. The polling will show that the only way for Meyers-James to win the election is if they change places on the ticket. Then Selina will remain Veep.
  • According to the season four final, this is actually an option. James even lampshades it:
    Tom James. Do you wanna be my new veep?

In Season 6, Selina will be brought in as a consultant
Because having been kicked out of office, there has to be some way for the show to keep focusing on her in politics.

The series will end with the inauguration of President Jonah Ryan
If there's one constant in Veep, it's that gross incompetence is rewarded.
  • In the Season 6 finale, Jonah forms an exploratory committee for his candidacy for President.