Heartwarming / Under Night In-Birth

"After all, we still have plenty of time to kill, right?"
  • Hyde's a pretty good source for these. Despite being loud and vulgar, he's actually an incredibly Nice Guy.
    • Hyde's entire reason for being in the Hollow Night is because he wanted to help Linne fight Hilda, despite being specifically ordered to stay behind.
    • When he encounters Yuzuriha, he apologizes to her for something he did in the past, and has regretted ever since. He then goes on to state his reasons for fighting, culminating in a friendly spar between them.
    "I've never forgotten about what happened then... I am sorry, and I always have been. I lost sight of myself, and well... What I did was pretty messed up. And afterwards, I ran and hid like a coward, pretending I knew nothing. Pretty pathetic, huh? But that's all in the past now. I know it might be too late, but I found a reason to fight. And not because that "person" told me to, either. I fight because I want to."
    • He clearly doesn't want to fight Orie, his friend in normal life, but is forced to because her faction opposes Linne. During this conflict, he again demonstrates his loyalty to Linne and desire to help her.
    • In his arcade ending, he gives Linne a piggyback ride home with a goofy grin on his face.
    • In Vatista's arcade ending, he compliments her on her strength in battle and invites her to live at his house until the next Hollow Night, after realizing she has nowhere else to go. Then, as pictured above, he then grabs her hand and leads the way, giving Vatista the most emotional reaction she's shown so far.
  • In Waldstein's arcade ending, he lets an unconscious Linne rest on his arm, carrying her away after defeating Hilda in her stead.
  • In Byakuya's arcade ending, he vows to continue aiding Tsukuyomi in finding the person she's looking for, even after letting it slip that they're not siblings and trying to kill and devour her. What makes him change his mind? He sees a mark on her chest that prompts her to explain to him her true goals; To find a friend of hers she hurt in the past and apologize.
  • Evidently, Mika went through alot of trouble to travel to Japan and help Orie with the Hollow Night, despite receiving no real orders to do so. Now that's true loyalty.
  • Any scene in which Chaos interacts with Gordeau. The two are clearly completely comfortable in each other's presence, with Chaos opening up and smiling more and Gordeau totally dropping his tough-guy act to chat as equals. Friendly Rivalry at its finest.
  • Despite his unfortunate predicament, Merkava gets a few of these when he encounters certain characters. Both Chaos and Vatista are intelligent enough to quickly get a grasp of his situation, and rather than freak out or attack him like the others do, they sit down and have a surprisingly civil chat about their respective natures and abilities. Even when his hunger overtakes him and he attacks, they never stop showing the utmost respect for him as a fellow intellectual. And, of course, Hyde's only response to seeing him in the flesh is to geek over how cool he is and try to make conversation.