Funny / Under Night In-Birth

  • Vatista is a walking punchline, due to her terrible social skills. A good majority of the cutscenes featuring her are comedy gold.
    • In her Arcade mode, her first opponent is Hyde, who is freaked out by her not wearing clothes. Later on she strips again right before encountering Orie, believing only Hyde has an issue with it.
    • In said encounter with Orie, she then proceeds to pretend she's a perfectly normal girl. Orie, however, doesn't buy it for a second.
    Vatista: I take it you have no more issues with my garments, or lack thereof? I am but a simple, unassuming, harmless human being. I do not intend to capture or detain you. [...] I am impressed that you saw through my disguise. Was there a weak link in my costume...?
    • The issue with her being naked in front of Hyde becomes a Running Gag, where every time the two of them are with another girl, Vatista asks him if he forced that girl to put on clothes too.
    • Vatista also tells Nanase about it, leading to Nanase to interpret her words horribly.
    Hyde (in an Imagine Spot): Hey, just put on these DEVIANT, SUGGESTIVE clothes! I need you... to satisfy my lust. Stay quiet and do what I say! If you keep this up, you'll never regain your dignity.
  • After Seth defeats Linne in his Arcade ladder, he proceeds to restrain her... by wrapping her up in a bamboo mat and hanging her in a tree. At the end, he just leaves her there, as she shakes around trying to break free.
  • Eltnum's entire Arcade story, where she lampshades the hell out of her status as a Guest Fighter, and completely obliterates the fourth wall.
  • When Mika enters a fight, she trips and falls on her face, before nonchalantly getting back up and getting the first round started.
    • If she wins a match, Mika will accidentally toss one of her giant gauntlets into the air, causing it to fall on her head, causing her to suffer a Cranial Eruption.