Funny / Under Night In-Birth

  • Vatista is a walking punchline, due to her terrible social skills. A good majority of the cutscenes featuring her are comedy gold.
    • In her Arcade mode, her first opponent is Hyde, who is freaked out by her not wearing clothes. Later on she strips again right before encountering Orie, believing only Hyde has an issue with it.
    • In said encounter with Orie, she then proceeds to pretend she's a perfectly normal girl. Orie, however, doesn't buy it for a second.
    Vatista: I take it you have no more issues with my garments, or lack thereof? I am but a simple, unassuming, harmless human being. I do not intend to capture or detain you. [...] I am impressed that you saw through my disguise. Was there a weak link in my costume...?
    • The issue with her being naked in front of Hyde becomes a Running Gag, where every time the two of them are with another girl, Vatista asks him if he forced that girl to put on clothes too.
    • Vatista also tells Nanase about it, leading to Nanase to interpret her words horribly.
    Hyde (in an Imagine Spot): Hey, just put on these DEVIANT, SUGGESTIVE clothes! I need you... to satisfy my lust. Stay quiet and do what I say! If you keep this up, you'll never regain your dignity.
  • Another moment near the end of Nanase's arcade story. Hyde attempts to invoke Might Makes Right on Nanase when all of her tall tales about him start piling up. She and most of the other girls present are dumbstruck at his bizarre handling of the situation. Vatista, meanwhile, has no idea what's going on. The soundtrack even stops for a moment to lampshade the Insane Troll Logic.
    Hyde: A-Ah, that's it! You have to fight me! Whoever wins, is right. That's the rule of the "Night"...
    Nanase: ...
    Linne: ...
    Orie: ...
    Vatista: ...?
  • During Gordeau's arcade scenario, he crosses paths with Yuzuriha, who immediately tries to pick a fight with him. In the process she not only chews him out for having his bellybutton exposed, but also manages to completely fuck up his name and nickname. He isn't particularly impressed to say the least.
    Yuzuriha: I thought I'd made myself quite clear... as long as I'm alive, you're not welcome here. And as for that crimson guy, why do you want him? Um, what was your name again? Gordo the exhibition... ist?
    Gordeau (With a hilariously pissed off look on his face.): ...
  • After Seth defeats Linne in his Arcade ladder, he proceeds to restrain her... by wrapping her up in a futon and hanging her in a tree. At the end, he just leaves her there, as she shakes around trying to break free.
  • Eltnum's entire Arcade story, where she lampshades the hell out of her status as a Guest Fighter, and completely obliterates the fourth wall.
  • When Mika enters a fight, she trips and falls on her face, before nonchalantly getting back up and getting the first round started.
    • If she wins a match, Mika will accidentally toss one of her giant gauntlets into the air, causing it to fall on her head and leaving her with one hell of a Cranial Eruption.
  • Speaking of Mika, her entire Chronicle Mode story. To elaborate, Mika begs Silvaria to let her go to Japan and help out her friends but she refuses after Mika throws one hell of a tantrum during it and proceeds to throw her into a "Special Reflection" room (Read: Solitary confinement). Mika ends up deciding to sneak out of the supposedly inescapable room and heads off to an airport, but ends up being chased around by security looking for her. She manages to break into a plane and falls asleep on a first class seat... Only for the plane to be shot down by an unknown opposing faction and Mika barely escapes via parachute. Mika winds up finding herself on a desert island, makes an SOS signal and waits for about a week that she spends via goofing around, expecting Licht Kreis to come and collect her. After getting tired of waiting, Mika decides to escape herself by building a raft, only to remember her rafting skills are terrible, she's just about to give up until she hears the disembodied voices of her grandparents, which mainly just irks her . In the end, she gets picked up by a coastal patrol ship that goes to arrest her on behalf of being an immigrant, she manages to make a clean escape and winds up on the shores of Japan. Oh, and did we mention that this is all shown through Mika's absolutely horrendous drawings?
    • We finally see a glimpse of Silvaria the Zenith in person and we see how she puts up with Mika. While she is definitely the Strict But Fair type, she tends to go overboard just a tiny bit. One example being when she keeps Mika away from trying to get her mission confirmation report, how does she do it? By moving out of the way and elbowing the kid in the face of course, which, naturally, leads to a brief fight. There's not much else to mention the fact that she keeps the Special Reflection room protected by guard dogs. Oh, and woe betide anyone who dares break any of Adelheit's belongings or lie.
  • During Gordeau's story, he reflects for a moment on the times where Chaos and Hilda have visited his bar and most of them have been quite negative. One example thst he talks about is when Chaos brought in a desk lamp to plug in and use to read and Hilda brought in a model train set. It really speaks volumes on Paradox as a whole and just how much Gord's business has tanked. The best part is that one can actually imagine what that scenario looked like.
  • Hyde's Chronicle story has a particular moment that will surely bring a chuckle out of most people. When Hilda invites him into her private quarters in order to interrogate him on the Insulator and the Night Blade, Hyde decides to spill the beans and gets ready for a fight with Hilda. Hyde proceeds to summon the Insulator, only for it to vanish with a poof halfway through summoning it. What's truly hilarious about this is a comibnation of how Hyde's stern facial expression never changes aside from a small sweatdrop that rolls down his cheek and Hilda just looking at him smirking through the whole thing.
    • Even beforehand, his interactions with Linne in her story are just absurd. Hyde himself even at one point, mistook Linne for a boy before accidentally touching her in a bad place when trying to let her down from carrying her during a chase by a ruffian....cue her making him suffer out of her pure rage, and Hyde while under physical pain ends up begging for mercy.
  • While the scene isn't meant to be funny, there's a moment where Strix expresses her desire to find Zohar and hopefully put the past behind them... And then either pierce her own vessel or deliver a swift punch to the face. Clearly, Strix is a firm believer in an eye for an eye.
    Strix (Narrating): That is the only way I can save her... Mind you, she did destroy my Vessel, and I had to go through all that suffering. I may want to pay her back with my fist...