Heartwarming / TwoKinds

  • Comic #740; Flora has finally managed to spit it out about her impossible pregnancy, and despite "Templar!Trace's" manipulations, Trace completely averts Mama's Baby, Papa's Maybe, telling her that he trusts her and believes her when she promises it's his child, even though she admits she doesn't know how it's possible it occurred.
  • Comic #748, with the parents-to-be engaging in some bonding.
  • Natani using his limited mana crystals to try and help Keith get some closure over Laura's death.
    Keith: Natani... you do realize that Basitins consider ear-rubbing to be... an intimate gesture?
    Natani: Oh... Do... do you want me to stop?
    Keith: No.
  • Somewhere between this and Funny is the opening page when the story returns to the main characters: Natani fell asleep right besides Keith after he drifted off, and Natani doesn't want to stop snuggling with him.
  • Comic #802; Flora is worried that Trace is really only pretending to believe her and is actually emotionally torn. Cue the last panel showing that this isn't the case — Trace has so much faith in Flora that he hasn't the faintest doubt about her baby's parentage, and is in fact already trying to come up with a list of names for his future son or daughter.
  • The mini-arc in which Natani and Keith finally get their Relationship Upgrade and become a couple. Even if Natani can't initially bring himself to call them a "couple", he still thinks of what they have as precious. As shown by the way he surreptitiously loops his arm and tail around Keith's.
  • Red and Sythe put their differences aside to take out Zen and Raine celebrates it so much that she returns to looking somewhat human. Also Red's general regard of Keidran's is brought up many times, but he still cares about her despite The Reveal.
  • Roderick, surprisingly, gets one with Kat. He orders her to clean up after him. She refuses. One: Roderick decides not to report the fact that Eric doesn't have her under a control spell (his brother would be the one in trouble, so no surprise there). Two: Roderick doesn't force Eric to put her under the spell (it's Eric's business and Kat's his slave, so, again, no surprise). Three: Roderick, a Templar warrior trained to kill Keidran, doesn't punish Kat (again, she belongs to Eric, so okay). Four: He doesn't even get mad at her (he gets mad at Eric for risking his neck like that) AND he compliments her for sticking up to him! Not only that, but he's happy that she did and is impressed by it. You would expect a Templar to kill a slave for speaking up like that. Again, the contradictions of good men in the slave industry runs deep in their veins. While Roderick is probably the worst of the two brothers, it seems he, like Eric, has some good in him. Just some.
  • Strip 902, Maeve comforts Flora after some tiger elitists tell Flora that her extended time around humans means she's not really a person.
  • Combined with Awesome Moment. Trace decides to take a stand and protect Maeve's mother from a group of templar extremists.
    Trace: "Keith was right! All I ever do is let people down. I had to save someone! What good am I if all I do is pretend I'm not here while they're killing in my name?"
  • The long-awaited return of Natani (who has finally accepted herself) - just in time to stop Keith from abandoning all hope.
    • Followed by him openly kissing Keith in front of everyone, cementing their new couple status, after initially being unable to even say he and Keith were together.
  • Another Keith/Natani moment in comic #970; after seeing the luxury of the room they'll be staying in, Natani grumbles that he'd kill to have this kind of money. The two promptly share some playful banter over Natani's fairly poor track record as an assassin. It's downplayed compared to some of these, but helps highlight just how comfortable the two are around each other, despite the huge messy complications each is bringingnote .