Heartwarming / The Lost World: Jurassic Park

Aww, who's a cute little Stegosaurus?
  • While it quickly turns into Nightmare Fuel, Cathy Bowman's initial reaction to the Compsognathus could qualify.
  • The moment where we saw Stegosaurus on the big screen alive and moving can made some people feel utter awe and amazement.
    • The fact that the baby actually allowed Sarah to get up close and interact with it. Well, until it got scared by her camera, anyways.
    • Not to mention the ending, where a herd of Stegosaurus are migrating together with their young - right next to a pair of T.rexes playing with their young.
  • Despite the fact that it later led to disaster, Nick freeing and later helping to heal the injured baby T. rex counts.
    • It's also a nice contrast between himself and Tembo. While Tembo was very competent, it was still very cruel of him to first injure the infant, then use it as bait so he could kill it's parent.
      • According to a cut bit, the leg break was an accident. A drunk Ludlow stepped on him and got chewed out for it by Tembo.
  • The second film has the T. rex helping its kid get its first kill. See it here. It's so adorable that you almost forget about the Asshole Victim they're snacking on.
    • Heck, at the end of that scene, the father watches his son as though to say "That's my boy!"
    • And later the entire Tyranno family is seen happily minding their own business back on the island.
  • Malcolm meeting Tim and Lex again. Even if it was only for a brief moment, he was happy to see them and they were just as happy to see him. Especially since he and Grant saved them from Rexie in the first movie.
  • Roland has a small moment where, when leaving with a small team to go and find Dieter, he insists to Sarah that no one tell Kelly that someone might have died.
    • Shortly before this, while they're hiking, he notices that Sarah has left a smear of blood on a fern she walked past and, when they stop to rest, immediately walks over to her to ask if she's been injured. If nothing else, this establishes that he's just a Punch-Clock Villain, as opposed to Jerk Ass Dieter Stark and Corrupt Corporate Executive Ludlow.
  • After Ajay dies, Roland gives up on capturing the Tyrannosaurus. The loss of lives is just not worth it anymore. The man didn't come to take them home - he came to say "I fought a Tyrannosaurus and lived".