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Heartwarming: The Lost World: Jurassic Park
  • The moment where we saw Stegosaurus on the big screen alive and moving can makes some people felt in utter awe and amazement.
    • The fact that the baby actually allowed Sarah to get up close and interact with it. Well, until it got scared by her camera, anyways.
    • Not to mention the ending, where a herd of Stegosaurus are migrating together with their young.
  • Despite the fact that it later led to disaster, Nick freeing and later helping to heal the injured baby T. rex counts.
    • It's also a nice contrast between himself and Tembo. While Tembo was very competent, it was still very cruel of him to first injure the infant, then use it as bait so he could kill it's parent.
  • The second film has the T. rex helping its kid get its first kill. See it here. It's so adorable that you almost forget about the Asshole Victim they're snacking on.
    • And later the entire Tyranno family is seen happily minding their own business back on the island.

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