Heartwarming / The Land Before Time

  • When Littlefoot is born.
  • After Littlefoot's mother dies, Littlefoot is comforted by Rooter, an old dinosaur who Littlefoot runs into.
    Rooter: Oh, it's not your fault. It's not your mother's fault. Now, you pay attention to old Rooter. It is nobody's fault. The great circle of life has begun. But see, not all of us arrive together at the end.
    Littlefoot: What'll I do? I miss her so much.
    Rooter: And you'll always miss her. But she'll always be with you, as long as you remember the things she taught you. In a way, you'll never be apart, for you are still part of each other.
  • At one point, a group of baby pteranodons are seen fighting over a cherry. When said cherry gets eaten by a lizard, their parent shows up and gives them an entire leaf full of cherries (one for each of them) and they all fly away together, presumably to go to the Great Valley. This is sweet (and funny) enough as it is, but the REALLY heartwarming moment is when the blue pteranodon sees a visibly upset Littlefoot lying on the ground nearby. What does he do? Offer to share his cherry with him! After arguing over a cherry with his brothers and sisters, the little guy is perfectly willing to share it with a complete stranger in an attempt to comfort him. Awww!
  • Just the succinct manner Spike is inducted into the pack after hatching is rather cute.
  • When all five main characters fall asleep together in a pile.
  • Littlefoot could let Cera smash her head in while trying to get her own food. Instead he grabs a handful, waits, and throws a portion down after she rams her head against a tree. He'd rather put up with her stubborn and arrogant attitude than let her starve.
  • When they all finally made it to the great valley.
    • "We did it! We did it, together!"
    • Bonus points for the moment when Ducky introduces Spike to her siblings, who are all more than happy to accept him into their family.
    • That, and the part where all the kids are together again just before the end credits roll.
  • The Diana Ross' tune "If We Hold On Together", played over the closing credits. It not only sums up the movie's main premise, but is also a message to those watching it to never give up, no matter how hard life may become.
  • Littlefoot and Ducky's first meeting is precious beyond words!
    • Ducky in general is just a heartfelt, lovable character from start to finish. However, when you know what happened to her voice actor...
    • Hell all of Ducky's interactions with the main lot are adorable. She brings Littlefoot out of his Heroic B.S.O.D., she's sympathetic and encouraging to Petrie, she adopts Spike and accepts her as his little brother, and even seems the most willing to hear Cera's side of the story in spite of her obnoxiousness. She is quite clearly The Heart of the team.

  • The first sequel's moment of Everyone Has Standards, when the Mama and Papa Sharptooth snuggle their baby.
  • For some reason, Spike takes an immediate liking to Tickles (an early mammal from the 4th movie), which is really adorable. They're the first to find the night flowers together.
    • Also from the Fourth movie and relating to Spike, when he finally says his first word: "Ducky". It's even more heartwarming because he does this to wake her up so she isn't eaten by Dil.
  • In the 5th movie, Chomper seems positively overjoyed to finally have friends on his island, and does everything in his power to try to keep them safe and happy.
    • "We live in a whole other world and we miss it. But we'll always be friends Chomper."
    • Ducky happy to meet another swimmer.
  • Petrie's Uncle Pterano finally owns up to his mistakes, and tells Petrie that he will endure banishment, but will dearly miss him.
    Life is not a game, my friend
    For losing or for winning
    And when you think you've reached the end
    It's only the beginning.
  • When the cold snap has made things very dire for the valley, the adults are discussing what to do now that their food has run out. The leader of the Stegosaur herd then appears and immediately announces he will take his herd out of the valley to help the natives conserve what they may have left. Even Mr. Threehorn is taken aback by this consideration, and even says nobody was saying they had to go. The Stegosaur leader doesn't budge, however, as he admits his kind eat more than the others do anyway. This earns him a respectful, warm farewell from the valley leaders.
  • Ducky finally manages to say she loves Spike after getting mad at him through over half the 8th movie.
  • Just the fact that Littlefoot finally meets his dad.
  • Mr. Threehorn calling out Hip's father in the third movie. Especially Mr. Threehorn, since he's clearly reliving his own Heel Realization and apologizing to Cera when saying it.
  • The end of the The Big Freeze, where Mama Swimmer saves Spike from drowning in the icy water. If his cry of "Mama!" doesn't get you, the exchange that follows after ("You saved him!" "Of course I did, he's my boy") will.
  • Tricia's birth in movie twelve. She's just too cute...
    • Even more cute, she says her first word at the very end: Cera.
  • The prologue of the fourteenth film is heartwarming in and of itself considering the series has returned at all. It retells the events of the first film, released nearly thirty years ago, and also retells the ending of The Great Longneck Migration. It's a welcome trip down memory lane, and also outright mentions the death of Littlefoot's mother for the firs time since Migration (and out of universe, about thirteen years). It's a warm treat for longtime fans.

TV Series:
  • After taunting him the entire episode, once Chomper saves the day with his little arms in The Missing Fastwater Adventure Cera gives him a more good-natured tease along with a heartfelt "Good job, Chomper".