Funny / The Land Before Time

  • "I smell! I SMELL! I SMELL!... Ducky."
    • "You smell me?"
  • The first thing Spike does when he's born? He eats his own nest. It's his Establishing Character Moment.
    • Following this in the group shot of the 5 moving along, Ducky is leading Spike along with a leaf that Spike keeps trying to eat, indicating that was the only way they could get him to keep up.
      • There was supposed to be a scene beforehand where that was indeed the case. The artwork for it is available online.
  • Petrie deciding that he can stay on Littlefoot's head and hang onto his tree star, accompanied by him rolling the tree star up, holding it like a bayonet, and marching back and forth on Littlefoot's head.
    • "You got a nice flat head, Flathead. Hee hee!"
  • When Spike first hatches, it's subtly implied from the angle of Ducky's head that she gets a look at more than just Spike's tail, and her positively chipper tone when naming him is jarringly funny given the awkward pause beforehand.
    • "Uhhhhh... You are a Spiketail, so we will call you Spike!"
    • Before that, Ducky's assessment of the situation when she sees his egg hatching. You really can't say she's wrong.
    Ducky: You should come out, you should! You are late!
  • Ducky: " Petrie, do not feel sad. It is alright. Many things cannot fly. Rocks, trees, sticks, Spike... "


The Great Valley Adventure

Journey Through the Mists
  • In IV, Icky gets stuck in a log so Dil chomps him out of there, so his neck is only stuck in part of the log. He panics when he thinks Dil is going to eat him, but Dil bites off the last part of the log. After the log is gone, the look on Icky's face is priceless.
  • The following line from Ichy and Dil's Villain Song. Really, Ichy was the clear winner of this roasting contest.
    Ichy: And who needs you!? You flatfoot four foot quitter! You're bitter and you're mad, 'cause you're as ugly as your DAD!

The Mysterious Island
  • In film V, when the children walk off again, (this time, to find more green food), you may get a kick out of them walking funny, especially with Petrie carrying Ducky as they hop along. Cera even lampshades it.
    Cera: This is stupid. Why do we have to walk like this?
    • Right before that, even though it's quite a serious situation, the reactions to the five friends going missing may make you laugh too, especially Topps' one.
  • When they first encounter the "Big Water", they all eagerly dunk in to drink up, only to come out spitting and gagging. But Spike doesn't think it's too bad.
  • When Chomper claims his parents would like the gang, Cera replies: "How? Rare, medium, or well done?"
  • When Chomper goes to gather green food for his friends, his parents witness this and get the assumption that he is gathering them for himself.
    Chomper's Dad: Sometimes I worry about that boy.
  • Also, as Elsie is returning the gang back to their families, Cera gets seasick and complains that she hates the water.

The Stone of Cold Fire
  • This exchange after Rinkus knocks Petrie out of the air:
    Pterano: (hits Rinkus) If there's one thing I will not tolerate, it's violence!
    Rinkus: Then why are you hitting me?!
    Pterano: Right, make that two things: violence and stupid questions! (hits him again)
  • Sierra expressing his hatred for Ducky's Catch-Phrase.
    Ducky: You are not very good at landing, are you?
    Sierra: "Pipe down, or I'll—
    Pterano: Sierra! Show a little self control, will you?
    Sierra: Self control my tail-bone! I've been puttin' up with that whiny little voice since we took off! (imitating Ducky) "No, no, no! Yep, yep, yep!" It's driving me nuts, nuts, NUTS!
  • The chase in the canyon after the gang rescue Ducky. Basically, Littlefoot and Ducky are riding a log down the river while Cera and Spike waterski behind them, all the while being chased by Pterano and co. It ends when Littlefoot distracts them long enough that they crash into an overhanging rock. Complete with a priceless Oh, Crap! face from Pterano, since he's being towed along by the others and is the only one who can see what's coming.
    • Pterano trying to stop Rinkus and Sierra from attacking the gang and telling them to "get a grip!" Their response?
    Sierra: Don't mind if we do. (grabs Pterano's wing and Rinkus grabs the other as he chuckles evilly and they drag him along)
    Pterano: Let go of me! How dare yoooooouuuuuuuuu!

The Big Freeze

Journey to Big Water
  • Cera getting pinched by a crab.
    Cera: Ow! I just stepped on something! (sees a shape in the water) What is that weird-looking thing? (she inhales and puts her head in the water. SNAP!) AAAAAAAAH! (shrieks in pain as she lifts her head out of the water with a crab pinching her nose)
    Ducky: Cera, what is that on your nose?
    Cera: I dunno! Just get it off! GET IT OFF! (sprints around trying to shake the crab off, screaming and wailing) AAAH! OW! AAAAAAH!
    Petrie: (tries pulling the crab off Cera's nose, to no avail) It's stuck!
    (Petrie loses his grip, sending Cera tumbling all the way to shore.)
    Mo: (squeaks indecipherably)
    (The crab finally gets off of Cera's nose and skitters away)
    Littlefoot: Wow! Good going, Mo!
    Petrie: Yeah! Me wanna learn to squeak like that. It'd sure come in handy.
    Ducky: What did you say to it, Mo?
    Mo: (indecipherable squeaking)
    Cera: Right. Which means?
    Mo: Let go.
    Cera: Oh, well, yeah. I knew that.

The Great Longneck Migration
  • The scene where Petrie and Ducky are debating over which rock Cera should jump to next, unknowing that the next "Rock" is a prehistoric crocodile. This goes on for way longer than is necessary, but the fact that the croc rolls its eyes in total exasperation as if saying "For the love of god, just jump so I can eat you already!" makes it hilarious. For bonus points, Cera has the same reaction while Spike just sits down and sighs with a look that says "Well, I might as well get comfortable 'cause this is gonna take a while..."
  • The dinosaurs somehow believe they saved the world upon witnessing an eclipse—despite doing nothing but watching it.
    Cera: I don't believe it! Longnecks just saved the world! This is gonna kill my dad...

Invasion of the Tinysauruses
  • When Littlefoot accidentally knocks every tree sweet off the tree. Realizing how much trouble he's in, he faints. When he comes to, he sees one tinysaurus on his nose and a whole fleet of them eating all the fallen tree sweets. One eats a tree sweet off his nose and he screams, scaring them all away. Then Cue to Mr. Threehorn and Tria nearby.
    Tria: Did you hear something?
    Topps: [dismissively] Ah, just a flyer.
    Tria: Whatever you say, big fella. But it sounded to me like somebody screamed.
    Topps: Nah, what would anybody have to scream about on a beautiful day like today?
    (Topps notices the empty Tree Sweet Tree. Eyes widen in horror)
    ** And then it cuts to an aerial view of the valley as Topps screams so loudly, that it echoes through the whole valley, even causing a distant avalanche.
  • Later when all the dinosaurs arrive at the empty tree sweet tree
    Petrie: So, Cera, you mad you don't get no first bite of tree sweets?
    [Her scream sends Petrie flying straight into a nearby rock]
    Petrie: Uh... yes?
  • Then when Littlefoot discovers the Mini-Longnecks there's this gem.
    Skitter: Gee, you're friendly! My name's Skitter. What's yours?
    Littlefoot: They call me Littlefoot.
    Skitter: You gotta be kiddin' me!
  • Then enters the leader of Tinysauruses, "Big Daddy" —with the booming voice of Michael Clarke Duncan.
    Big Daddy: You know better than to bring a big one here! Lizzie, you are grounded!
    Lizzie: But, daddy, I—
    Littlefoot: Uh, sir? They didn't bring me here. I sorta fell in.
    Big Daddy: Oh...[chuckles] Well, nobody's fault then. Well, I guess that's it. (The Tinysauruses sigh in relief. BD's tone turns angry again) WE'RE MOVING!
    Tinysaureses: Aww!
  • Cera, jealous of her father's new girlfriend, threatens her friends not to call him Topsy (which is what Tria calls him). Later, Cera becomes suspicious of Littlefoot's antics, so she wakes up Ducky, Petrie and Spike.
    Ducky: I didn't call your dad "Topsy", I promise!
    Cera: (sighs) Just c'mon!

The Great Day of the Flyers
  • Tria thinks her egg is too cold and puts grass shoots on it, getting Topps to pitch in as well. And then when they finish, Tria thinks the egg is now too warm.
    • And when Topps objects...
    Tria: Topsy? Did you lay this egg?
  • Cera's frustration that her dad and step-mom are ignoring her.
    Cera: I'm heading out to the Mysterious Beyond to see if I could get eaten by a sharptooth.
    Topps: Bye, have fun.
    Tria: Don't be late.
  • Tria telling Topps to back away from the egg to avoid crushing it, which results in him falling off a ledge.
    Tria: (relaxed) Much better.
  • A lot of the things Guido says and does.
  • When Topps first meets Guido.
    Topps: I don't know who or what you are, but we don't like noise around here. Some of us are trying to hatch eggs.
    Guido: Oh, I'm sorry, lady! I didn't realize!
    Topps: [growls] Not me!
    (Ducky laughs, but stops when Cera gives her a Death Glare)
  • When Topps storms off, Guido warns him not to go the way he's heading to. Topps does not listen... and falls into a mudhole causing everyone to laugh at him. Topps gets angry with Guido, and the latter jumps into the mud as well to make it even.
    • As everyone is laughing at Topps, Ducky stops laughing thinking it will make Cera mad again. But then she continues when she sees Cera laughing as well.
  • The Gang all try to help Guido find out what he is by attempting to have him fit in with the other kinds of dinosaur. When they get to the Threehorns...
    Topps: Don't even think about it!
    (the kids leave without a word)
  • When the gang is watching Petrie practice
    Littlefoot: He's doing great.
    Cera: So far.
    Littlefoot: (Death Glare)
  • When Petrie messes up his and his siblings' flying formation once again and they fall through a cloud, a nearby Parasaurolophus takes notice of this and comments "Strange weather we're having today."
  • This gem.
    Mama Flyer: Well? Is it true? Does the Threehorn family have a new addition?
    Petrie: Yeah! And, do we!
    Mama Flyer: (Drops berries.)...Petrie? I'm usually the one who makes that announcement.
  • "Your rear ends look just like your faces!"
  • Ducky offering to get Cera when the gang's following a sleepwalking Guido.
    Ducky: I will get Cera. If we have an adventure and Cera is not here, she will get so mad. I do not like it when Cera gets mad. Oh no, no, no!
  • When Guido is revealed to be a glider after falling off into a ravine.
    Cera: You know what this means? We didn't have to use the log after all!
    Littlefoot: (sheepishly) Sorry.

Wisdom of Friends
  • You gotta admit the Yellow Bellies Loofah and Doofah really steal the show! (What else can you expect from Cuba Gooding Jr and Sandra Oh?)
    Loofah: Hey, Berry Valley! That's what that place is called! Right, Doofah?
    Doofah: (cough! cough!')
    Loofah: OH, MY GOSH, YOU'RE CHOKING! AAH! HOLD ON! HANG IN THERE! (uses the Heimlich on Doofah, who spits out a berry)
    Doofah: (coughs then sighs in relief) Thanks!

Journey of the Brave:
  • The character of "Wild Arms" (voiced by Damon Wayans Jr.)— who looks as like his name implies—who reports that Bron is trapped by the volcano earthquake, though he's still alive. When Littlefoot insists for Wild Arms to lead him to his father, the latter's response?
    Wild Arms: So you want me to take you across the earth break, through the land of feathered sharpteeth, along the moving water, all the way back to the same fire mountain that I just escaped from?! HOW FOOLISH DO YOU THINK I LOOK?! (Beat; the dinos stare at him) Uh, let me put it in another way. The answer is no!
  • Then when Littlefoot explains his friends that he intends to go save his dad, Petrie thinks he's joking, only to realize in horror that he isn't!
    Littlefoot: I am going to the fire mountain to help my dad! And nothing's gonna stop me!
    Petrie: (laughs) That's very funny, Littlefoot! Me thought you said you were going to fire mountain to save your dad!
    Littlefoot: I did say that! I'm going!
    (Petrie's smile droops)
    Petrie: You no seem funny now...
  • The gang ends up on a rocky slab that cannot support the five's weight and it breaks and they end up riding the rock slab down the hill like a sled!

TV Series:
  • In one episode where the gang is looking for sky colored stones (geodes), the episode's 'villain' is Ducky. She goes from being the nicest person in the show to a greedy, deceiving, paranoid hoarder who would rather hunt for gems than help her stuck brother. This can be seen as either hilarious, disturbing, or both.
    • In the same episode, Chomper picks up every rock he finds and asks if it's a sky color stone.
    Chomper: (picks up a rock) Is it this one?
    Petrie: No.
    Chomper: (picks up another rock) Is it this one?
    Petrie: (annoyed) No.
    Chomper: (picks up another rock) Is it this one?
    Petrie: (more annoyed) No!
    Chomper: (picks up a muddy dirt clod) Is it this one?
    Petrie: That not even rock!
    • Not to mentioned when he offers a hive of stinging buzzers (bees) to eat for Littlefoot and Petrie, to the latter two's alarm.
  • In the episode "March of the Sand Creepers", they find a talking crab who enjoys telling stories. Cera comments: "Great. Not only does he talk, he talks too much."
    • In the same episode, after almost drowning to get some seaweed, Cera emerges from a whirlpool covered in kelp fronds. Littlefoot says: "You got the water greens!" To which Cera replies: "Yes, now GET THEM OFF ME
    • Also the Running Gag in which one of the crabs keeps pinching Spike on the nose, eventually angering him to the point of chasing it out of the valley.
  • Chomper's Cloudcuckoolander tendancies bring out much of the humor in the series. Such as in "The Scary Nighttime Adventure" when Mr. Thicknose tells the children about his interests as a hatchling, Chomper cries out "You were a hatchling!?"
  • In "The Big Longneck Test", Chomper eats bees out of a hive much to Shorty's disgust. Cera's comment to this?
    "You get used to it."
    • For the sub-plot of the episode, Shorty lies to Littlefoot's friends that he took the leadership test so that he would be their leader on a trip, which he turned out to be bad at. At the end when Bron reveals Shorty is not yet ready for the test, Cera snarks "I'll say he's not ready"...before finding out that he lied about taking the test earlier.
    Chomper: You mean [Shorty] hasn't taken [the test] yet?
    Shorty: Uh, no. But I will, soon!
    Cera: Hmph. Not too soon, I hope.
  • In "The Log-Running Game" when Tria reminds Topps he was young once like Cera, Topps responds "I was?".
  • This exchange from "The Forbidden Friendship", when Spike and Tippy reveal that they've been playing in secret.
    Tippy's mother: Well...your Spike must have talked him into it.
    Mama Swimmer: My Spike doesn't talk!
    • Earlier, Topps and the Spiketail leader get into a fight...only to get their heads stuck to each other because of the cold.
  • Episode six has perhaps the strangest inversion of what had become a "Land Before Time" cliche- the main character running away from creatures that want that character dead. Except instead of, say, Littlefoot running from The Sharptooth, it's Chomper, a baby Tyrannosaurus rex, AKA Sharptooth, running away from a herd of Longnecks! Pick the reason why it's funny- Inversion of the predator-prey dynamic, revenge for Littlefoot's mom getting eaten by a Sharptooth, clever moment of self-awareness on the show's part, The fact that the leader of the Herd is Mallory Archer, the list goes on.
  • In one episode, the kids all hang out staring at cloud formations. One of the clouds is stated to look like "sweet bubbles" (grapes) and another cloud looks like Chomper. The Chomper cloud starts "eating" the sweet bubble cloud. The real Chomper promptly pops up and says "but I don't like sweet bubbles" and they all laugh.
  • "Stranger From the Mysterious Above": When Milo, Lydia, and Plower first find Spike sitting on a rock eating from a pile of plants, Plower asks "Why is he eating my bed?"