Heartwarming / The Editing Room

  • The Bridesmaids script consists mostly of the cast members and Judd Apatow assuring Kristen Wiig that they won't ruin the movie, and will instead keep their characters and conflicts as realistic as possible, and make sure gross-out gags only take up "maybe 5% of the total running time." Ultimately, the only criticism the author can make against the movie itself involves a tonally different mid-credits scene. It also feels nice that no one seems to object to Melissa McCarthy calling herself the hero, for pushing along Wiig's Character Development.
  • The script for Mad Max: Fury Road has a kind of cute scene after Nicholas Hoult asks Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron if they plan to kill him, as punishment for attempting to murder them. Tom decides to spare Nicholas, explaining that he and Charlize have decided to remain Just Friends, which lands Nicholas in a "teen angst romantic subplot" with Riley Keough.
  • The script for Rogue One ends with a heartfelt tribute to the then-recently-deceased Carrie Fisher.
  • In its own odd way, the "Tom Cruise is a Scientologist" reference in The Mummy (2017). There's always one Scientology joke about Tom Cruise and they intenionally squandered it in a half-hearted fashion for the sake of a quota.