Awesome: The Editing Room

  • This bit from The Cabin in the Woods.
    FRAN KRANZ: Maybe the human race should die out, if this is what it takes for it to continue.
    KRISTEN CONNOLLY: Are you serious? Do you literally have not a single family member that might give you pause before coming to that conclusion?
    FRAN KRANZ: Well...
    KRISTEN CONNOLLY: You'd rather sacrifice everyone on earth, knowing that 99.999% of them aren't even aware of this conspiracy, while you know about it and are making literally the most selfish decision humanly possible, which ironically actually makes you extremely deserving of death?
    FRAN KRANZ: Uh...
    KRISTEN CONNOLLY: A handful of teenagers every year, compared to the alternative, is nothing. More people die from falling in the fucking bathroom. I'm shooting you, you selfish dick.