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Heartwarming: The Critic
  • Jay confessing his love to Alice at the end of the episode "Lady Hawke." He gives her a white rose and reads her a poem ("The woman I love will be my best friend. We'll make each other laugh, and I'll never be lonely again. Her name will be Alice, and she'll have a sweet Southern accent, and I hope she'll love me too.") Alice becomes completely touched, and she and Jay share a kiss.
    • CMOF, he accidentally sang "Super Freak" first.
      • Alice took it in stride.
        Alice: Oh Jay, you're the sweetest man who ever called me a super freak.
  • After meeting Jay for the first time, Penny punches him in the nose because he gave a negative review of The Lion King. Jay tells Alice it's okay, because Rex Reed also did that to him. However, she immediately apologizes and kisses him on the nose. Awww.
  • The scenes between Jay and his sister Margo. They have a strong, loving, trusting relationship and always look out for each other.
  • When Jay and Doris discover Jay may have been the baby Doris gave up for adoption 36 years ago, he gives her 36 Mother's Day cards, one for each year they missed together.
  • Duke and Alice's sister Miranda reuniting and marrying at the end of "Dukerella."
    Duke: My Scarlett, it's you...
  • The episode Siskel & Ebert & Jay & Alice centres around Siskel And Ebert breaking up. They each offer to make Jay their partner, which would be a dream job for Jay no matter which one of them he teamed up with. Instead, Jay Takes A Third Option and gets them to reconcile in a very touching scene.
    • It became a Tearjerker after Gene Siskel died in 1999, but it's even more heartwrenching now that they're both dead.
  • Marty and his girlfriend Carmen bidding farewell to each other as Marty prepares to leave Cuba.
  • Jay and Alice's romantic relationship overall.
    • The episode where they met is kind of sweet. It's basically about two unlucky people helping each other out and falling for one another.
  • Even though he did it more out of spite than love, Duke building a preschool just for Penny is pretty touching.
    Duke: The hardest part was teaching the bunnies to hug.
  • Franklin babysitting Penny... as he drives around the neighborhood in a monster truck and destroys a priceless piece of art. The scene where he exchanges smiles with Penny after destroying Guernica is as hilarious as it is sweet.
  • Jay saving Alice from going back to her country singer ex-husband. He starts singing to her, which is her major weakness, and Jay bursts in with an accordion singing an obnoxious Villain Sucks Song to break the ex's spell. It works.
  • The one single thing that Jay and his Jerk Ass ex wife Ardith still share, the love for their son Marty.
  • Penny literally writing a letter to Marty when he and Jay go off to fat camp.

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