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Awesome: The Critic
  • In "Frankie and Ellie Get Lost," Jay discovers a Tobacco Executive recruited the Humphrey The Hippo Show to promote cigarette smoking to young children. Outraged, Jay announces he’s shutting the company down, but the executive says that "if they don’t have cigarettes, what’ll they do after they have sex?" Jay disgustingly calls him "a bad man," and he retaliates by saying if what he’s doing is a crime, "then lock me up." The result: Jay summons the police and has the guy’s repulsive ass hauled to jail. BOO-YAH!
  • Marty performing his belly talents at the Talent Show. He closes it out by drawing the iconic scene at Iwo Jima on his tummy, and flexing it so the soldiers plant the flag!
  • In "Sherman, Woman and Child," Alice’s estranged husband Cyrus, a country musician, tries to woo her back by singing to her. It initially works since that's her weakness, but suddenly Jay comes in with an accordion and sings a counter-love song, which brings her back to Earth:
    Jay: (singing) Cyrus is just a virus.
    He wants to tie you down while you’re still young.
    Your potential is what’s essential.
    You could someday be another Connie Chung!
    Cyrus: (singing) Lover, without you there's no other...
    Jay: (singing) Given him a chance, he'll do your mother!
  • The Nightmare Before Hanukkahnote , a movie spoof of The Nightmare Before Christmas. This was also created using the stop-motion technique. After seeing it, you can tell that the people working on this show really loved what they were doing. Seen in the first episode of season two, "Sherman, Woman and Child."
    • According to the commentary, they were so proud of that gag that they bumped it from later in the season to the premier.
  • Franklin has a rather unexpected one during "Frank and Ellie Get Lost."
    Franklin: I could put you in touch with a man who could help you. A man named El Kabong.
    Security guard: That won't be necessary.
    Franklin: Oh, yes it will... *bashes the security guard with a guitar* Ka-bong!
  • This. Just, this:
    "Mr. Phillips, what do you say to those to claim this marriage is just an outrageous publicity stunt?"
  • Duke Phillips' Pre-School. "Built on a Dare!"
  • After being transferred to the 6 am show, "English for Cab Drivers," Jay delivers a wonderful diatribe against the decline of Hollywood: "If the movie stinks, just don't go!"
  • Jay confessing his love to Alice at the end of "Lady Hawke."
  • Actually getting Siskel and Ebert to guest star on the show! Especially once you consider that the duo very rarely guest starred on anything that wasn't a talk show (though they did appear on Saturday Night Live in 1982).
  • Jay gets one in the pilot episode for putting his critical integrity above his recent Girlfriend by admitting that her performance was rather terrible in her debut movie.
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