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Headscratchers: The Critic
  • As much as I love this show, the pilot episode always confused me. Jay dates Valerie Fox, a beautiful actress who only pretends to be in love with him so that he can give her upcoming movie "Kiss of Death" a good review. When Jay sees the actual movie, he finds out that Valerie's a terrible actress. What I don't get is, if Valerie is so awful in the movie, how did she manage to fool Jay so easily into thinking that she really loved him?
    • It's possible that she's a good actress, but she was given a bad script and the movie's director sucked. Watch movies like the Star Wars prequel trilogy. The acting overall is wooden, but the actors do better in other movies when they have more to work with.
  • For a show about the film industry, why didn't they ever do a parody of the Star Wars trilogy or Jaws?
    • Either they couldn't find something new to parody or they didn't bother trying considering that both films have been mocked to death, even by that point.
    • They actually did do a Jaws joke, albeit a very short one, in the episode where Jay gets a dog that grows extremely big. He has a nightmare about the dog attacking him while he's in a car ala Jurassic Park. When Jay yells "help, help, or atleast put me in a better Spielberg movie", the dream changes to a parody of the first shark attack scene from Jaws.
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