Heartwarming / Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!

  • Chiro and Jinmay. CUUUUTE!
  • The Father/Son dynamic between Antauri and Chiro. Just... AWWWWW!
  • Nova bringing Sprx back from the dark side by proclaiming her love for him, and their exchange afterwards.
  • In "Skeleton King", after Chiro rescues the monkeys:
    Nova: (hugging Chiro) Chiro! I don't think you know how glad we are to see you.
    Chiro: Believe me, I do.
  • Pretty much everything pertaining to Sprx and Nova in "Wormhole" and "Belly of the Beast".
  • After being manipulated by the Skeleton King, Planetoid Q decides to makes its own choices and its first is to become like the Monkey Team by morphing into a giant Monkey Head and traveling the universe acting as a protector. The Monkey Team now has their very own Mogo.
  • Come on Thingy, give Gibson a big slobbery kiss!
  • In "The Savage Lands, Part 2", after the Crowning Moment of Awesome that was Antauri's return as the silver monkey, and rescuing Chiro and the rest of the team from Valina's minions, what is the first thing that Nova does after he unties her? She hugs him. AWWWWWWW...
    Nova: (practically tackles Antauri with a hug) It's you! It really is you!
    • The following exchange between Chiro and Antauri shortly after that is just as adorable.
    Chiro: I knew you were never gone!
    Antauri: I was always with you. Within you, Chiro. I owe you my life.
  • Nova glomping Gibson after he saves everyone in "Invasion of the Vreen" was quite sweet.
  • Sprx apologizing to Nova for throwing the snowball at her face in "Snowbound" was quite considerate of him. He even tries cheering her up by making a funny face after she remarks that he's "the dumb monkey" in an almost affectionate tone.
  • If the mere sight of the Monkey Team as babies in Golden Age doesn't cause a squee overload, the way they interact with each other and their human caretakers will. Sprx and Nova play fight, Gibson brings the Alchemist a chip for the Silver Monkey and plays with his tail, and all but Mandarin huddle together in fear. Later Nova sits on the Alchemist's shoulder as he builds her robotic fists, and Antauri runs in fear to hug Captain Shuggazoom. Awwwwww!
  • "Galactic Smash: Game Over" has Gibson of all people hugging Otto after being rescued by him, followed by the entire monkey team (save a hovering but visibly overjoyed Antauri) tacklehugging him after his Disney Death.