Heartwarming: Spore

  • At two points in the Creature Stage, after reaching a certain level and respawning, a cutscene will play with your nest migrating. One of the creatures waves goodbye to the one looking after your egg, all the while with somber music playing. It's sort of a Tear Jerker though, as once you leave, that individual is going to spend the rest of its life alone, unless you add it to your pack.
  • There's one adventure, Delicate Negotiations, that reenacts Romeo and Juliet. Instead of staying true to the original story, the adventure shows what would happen if the play had a happy ending. However, Your Mileage May Vary.
  • If you chose the Neutral path in the Creature Stage, your chief in the Tribal Stage will be able to summon the Sea Monster/Border Patrol to scare fish out of the water. After giving them a good scare, the monster waves goodbye to the chief and returns to the sea.
  • If you go on the social path, seeing your little butterfly-thing (or whatever you have) befriend a giant hideous monster.
  • If your Shaman empire wins the trust of a Zealot empire.
  • The happy little dance your creature does after they lay an egg in the creature stage.

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