Trivia / Spore

  • Contest Winner Cameo: Winners of official contests held on the Spore forums will have their creations featured on the website. Also, contests have been held that will also decide the designs of built-in creatures for Darkspore.
  • Development Hell: The game was awarded Vaporware Awards from Wired, with three year long delays.
  • Vaporware: The "Creature Keeper" expansion.
  • What Could Have Been: Spore was originally designed as a game with more science basing. Somewhere along the line, the "Scientifically Accurate" team and the "Cute and Fun" team got into a stand off, with the Cute and Fun team winning the argument in the end. Considering the fuzzy feel of the game is one of the key issues (and Will Wright taking the bullet for that side), one wonders how the game would have ended up if the other side won.