Awesome Music / Spore

  • The mesmerizing main theme, heard in the "galaxy" menu screen, gives a perfect impression of a majestic, inhabited universe with limitless potential.
  • The equally mesmerizing track played when you travel within a solar system.
  • The incredibly catchy Sporepedia music, as well as the various Editor themes (particularly the Creature one with its world music motives).
  • The music punctuating the completion of Cell stage brings a tear to the eye with sheer pride for your little organism, ready to "grow up" and move on to dry land.
  • Many songs in Galactic Adventures, most notably Angelic Dream, if only for being used in a Halo 3: ODST commercial. Then there's the "Space Warriors", which first appeared in the rather forgettable game Battle of Giants: Dragons as the menu background music. It really works here, that is if the creator knows when to use it.