Headscratchers / Spore

  • In Spore Creatures, five little creatures scuttle out of the eggs. How come they passed up a Five-Man Band?
  • In Spore Creatures, the censoring is annoying. I Discovered it when I wanted to call a creature Titant (titan-ant). I get some of it, but not others. Why is Whip censored, especially when there is an ingame creature called "whipley".
  • Is it just me, or does the game seem to crash more when the graphics are lower?
  • So, in Spore, i got to the "Tribe" stage with my creatures. At the end of the Tribe, i won by allying with all the tribes, all of different species than mine. Cue "Civilization" stage, they are nowhere to be seen, just lots of cities inhabited by the same guys i played as. What happened to them?
    • They probably joined your city to help you build it, just for purposes of logistics, they aren't shown.
    • Tribes can be seen in the civilization stage before other cities/civilizations grow. It can be assumed they stayed behind. However, that leaves another question: Why are all the tribes your species?
    • It can be assumed that over large periods of time - akin to real life evolution - the dominant species, aka you, outcompeted the others.