Heartwarming / RosenkreuzStilette

Not only is there plenty of shooting and action, but the RosenkreuzStilette series draws an interesting story of conflicting relationship of the RKS and has some heartwarming moments as well.

WARNING! Story and character spoilers below!
  • Spiritia and Freudia's obvious friendship is very sweet, which just makes it all the sadder when Freudia tries to stop Spiritia from interfering with their fight against the Empire. Even then there's a touch of sweetness, as she makes it clear she doesn't want to harm her, as her battle quote is simply "open your eyes, Tia!". They even use their nicknames for each other (Tia and Freu) respectively.
  • Spiritia wishing Schwer-Muta a happy birthday after everyone had forgotten all about it. Schwer-Muta seems touched when she heard Spiritia say it. To clarify, the RKS had been so busy preparing to go to war they completely forgot about her party, and no one came. It's implied to be why her stage is decorated and bright, even if she herself is not.
  • Spiritia's reason in general for standing up against the RKS in the first game after defeating Freudia: it wasn't just a simple act of stopping the rebellion, nor proving who's right or wrong, but Spiritia stood against her former comrades out of love — the love she has for all of her friends in RKS. She cares deeply for everyone and she never wanted to see themselves in danger in the rebellion against the Empire.
    • And then later on, Freudia performed her Big Damn Heroes moment just before Iris could finish off Spiritia, it shows how good Spiritia and Freudia are as friends.
  • In Grollshwert, after the fight with Liebea, Grolla being aware of how sensitive the poor girl is asks her if she's alright and to pull herself together. She doesn't belittle or insult her for her vulnerability. It may not seem like much, but by Grolla's usual standards, it's a rare moment of kindness.
  • Also in Rosenkreuzstilette Grollshwert, the ending features an image of Grolla placing flowers at the site of her grandfather's grave.
  • In Rosenkreuzstilette Freudenstachel, Freudia has Liebea (the real one, not the doll posing as her) take care of an injured Pamela after Iris reveals herself. Even though Pamela and Freudia are on rival Magi organizations, one is willing to help another in their time of need, anyway she can.