Heartwarming / RuneScape

  • Zanik's letter to the Player Character in Postbag 45, responding to Video Game Caring Potential.
    Wow. I had no idea you felt that way.

    I'm trying to find the best way to say this, so you'll understand. I don't know if this will make sense, I'm not sure if it even makes sense in my head, but I know what I've got to do and I've got to explain it to you so here goes.

    Right now I'm sitting on top of a high cliff next to the ocean, and the sun's coming up. Every time I look at the sun, I think of you. You first showed it to me, the sky and the sun, and I'll always remember that. You showed me the surface, we went on this marvellous adventure, we did more than I could have imagined possible, and I'll always remember that.

    And I'd be lying if I said I didn't feel something for you. Back when we were about to face Bandos, when we were standing by the portal about to go through, a part of me really wanted to grab you and kiss you. But I thought that was crazy, I'd just had an evil god inside my head and I thought I was going to die and I wasn't thinking straight and so in the end I didn't do anything. But now it seems maybe you wanted me to, and now I have to tell you I can't, and I'm sorry, and I have to try to explain.

    It's like...all the time we were adventuring together, it was all about you. You know? You were the hero, and I was the sidekick. I kept getting into trouble and you kept rescuing me. Even at the end, when we defeated Bandos, I got knocked out and you finished it alone. And in a way I kind of resent that. I wish I'd done it myself.

    I don't want my whole life to be like that. I want to prove to myself that I can be an adventurer in my own right, be a hero, not just someone's sidekick, not even yours. So that's why I'm travelling alone right now, and I'm not looking for any travelling companions or any kind of serious relationship.

    I hope you understand.

    Still, I'll always think of you when I look up to the sun.

    • Speaking of Zanik, take her to talk to Xenia during the tour of Lumbridge in "Death to the Dorgeshuun", and they'll have an instant rapport. Considering what a dishonest, vicious schemer Xenia can be during her spotlight quests, it's a very nice change of pace to see her so pleasant and sincere.
  • The recent God Emissaries have released stories of what their gods have been up to, complete with some heartwarming moments. Armadyl's tells of his travels after he believed the aviansie were all killed in the God Wars. Something about his discovery of life on a barren planet was simply wonderful.
    ''The air here is toxic; hard, unrelenting gravity pulls me downward, and even I must toil to remain aloft. The world is gas, with no ground to stand on. And yet, this world is a paradise for the beings native to its atmosphere: tiny creatures, the biggest no larger than a wasp or a beetle.

    They circle around me. At first, I thought they wanted to hide in the down of my feathers. But when I turned, they turned. When I stopped, they stopped. They were mimicking and playing.

    I feel my old strength. Enough to make the journey back to my home. In the hollows of my bones, I know it is time to return, and to shelter my faithful beneath my wings once more.
  • Also the Story of the Icyene in the Book of Saradomin. Having lost the love of his life to rebels, a young Icyene feels abandoned and attempts to commit suicide by waiting for the Cold Death. Then:
    "It was then that He came. Like a second sun He shone on the horizon unerringly. At His side, almost invisible in Saradomin's brightness, I could see others. Among them was the surviving warrior.

    My hope was reignited. Saradomin had returned and He had not forgotten me.
  • If you side with the Guthixians or Saradominists during The World Wakes, Azzanadra is shocked by your betrayal. If you visit him after the quest is over, however, he says that he still considers you a friend.
  • The last quest released in 2015, before the 15th anniversary of Runescape, sees you returning to a sunken Tutorial Island in order to free the tutors from a curse put upon them by an impatient wizard. Here are some moments from it:
    • If you completed Tutorial Island before it was removed from the game, almost all of the tutors will remember you in some way. The prayer tutor says this:
    Brother Brace: Praise Saradomin, our saviour has arrived! My my, you certainly look more accomplished than the adventurers we used to get through here.
    World Guardian I was one of those adventurers!
    Brother Brace: It's a compliment! You're clearly more accomplished these days!
    • One of the rewards for the quest is a piece of music. That music is the original Newbie Melody- the first song unlocked in the game, in all its MIDI Glory. Pure, distilled nostalgia.
    • Simply the fact that you get to return here is heartwarming enough- Jagex has faithfully recreated the whole affair, albeit with an underwater flavor. You sadly don't get to raise it up, but you do get to save all of the tutors.
  • During the quest The Mighty Fall you have to participate in a tournament to Bandos. Who are your support team? The trolls Burntmeat and My Arm who decide that they'd rather cheer for you than the troll champion since they consider you a friend.
  • The ending of Broken Home. If you choose the more peaceful option, Senecianus, the demonic creature who has unwittingly been terrorizing the mansion along with the ghost of Ormod, the previous owner, will help Ormod pass to the afterlife by pretending to be his son, Lenian, whom Senecianus unwittingly swallows. Sure, you know "Lenian" is really Senecianus (who stays in that form for what little of the quest remains), but it's still nice to see Ormod think that he is forgiven by his son (and he technically is, since the real Lenian wanted to tell him so) and pass on to the afterlife after relieving himself of the guilt of having unwittingly killed Lenian.
  • On a community level: the OSRS and RS3 players coming together to vote against an incomplete mining and smithing rework for RS3. For some context RS3 had been receiving incomplete updates in batches that went incomplete because they fell out of favour from the player Base, and the mining/smithing was the last straw because such an important update was going to be polled with just a 50% necessary vote to pass. The RS3 community asked the OSRS players through reddit for help, and despite their differences they accepted to help. A lot of OSRS players realised that RS3 as a money source for Jagex helps to keep micro transactions away from their game and decided to help. Ultimately Jagex accepted that making the poll to a 50% was idiotic for such an important aspect and made the cap to 75%, the community voted against the rework in batches and RS3 was saved thanks to both communities coming together.
  • Though the end of the first Wizards' Tower was brought upon by infighting and conflict, the soul fragments of the order masters and their apprentices still considered themselves friends, even posthumously while they're consciously being channeled into Ariane. Doubles as an Awesome moment when they team up to take down the "false Red Wizard" Ellaron and make him their new host before forcefully teleporting him to the Abyss, where he eventually explodes, saving the new Wizards' Tower.
  • The miniquest In Memory of the Myreque. Taking place before River of Blood, the Player and Veliaf build a memorial to the members of the Myreque who have been lost. Each member is built a statues and an item to honor them.
    • Sani Piliu has a blamish blue shell for her dyed blue hair.
    • Harold Evans has nail beast nails for his tattoos.
    • Andiess Juip has a snakeskin body since he worn it as armor.
    • Flaygian Screwte has an Ivandis Flail, a weapon that you and he invented.
    • Kael Forshaw has rune boots as he often was losing his shoes.
    • Mekritus A'hara has Mort Myre pears, which he ate to clam himself.
    • Radigad Ponfit has moonlight mead as he drank it often.
    • Vertida Sefalatis has a blisterwood stake-thrower crossbow, a weapon he preferred.
    • Polmafi Ferdygris has a copy Histories of the Hallowland to honor his work as a scholar.
    • Safalaan Hallow has holy water for his icyene heritage.
  • Coming from the Gower Quest of all places, when the player asks Max (the NPC who sells the Max Cape in-game, which can only be worn by individuals who have gotten all of their skills to at least level 99) for skilling advice. After talking about the fact that Jagex Moderators can hack their characters up to Level 99 everything using a specific item, and how he was tempted to use that item, he says this:
    "The thing you have to understand about skilling is that it's not the destination that matters, but the journey. If I could just skip to the end, what would be the point? It's not like having 99 Firemaking is actually doing anything for me! People look up to me, and legendary players like Zezima and Suomi, because of the accomplishment, not the levels. It's not what we have that matters, it's what we've done."
  • Among the reunions you have in Nomad's Elegy with half a dozen of your dead friends, there's one that's overlooked— a random wandering soul turns out to be the soul of Cyrisus, killed during 'While Guthix Sleeps...' and has this for its examine text:
    A lost soul. It thanks you for making him a hero he never thought he would become.