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Heartwarming: Rocket Power
  • In Escape from Lars Mountain, after being picked on his brother Lars for one too many times, Twister then comes up with a heinous plan himself and lets Otto, Reggie, and Sam in on it. When Lars and his goons find Otto, Reggie, and Sam, with Twister nowhere in sight, Lars shows sincere concern for his brother since it's getting late and his parents will go ballistic if he comes back home without his brother, to which Otto tells Lars to look for Twister on his own. Lars frantically searches for his brother throughout the night, only to find his shoe near a raging river. One of Lars' goons then makes a gesture suggesting that Twister was Driven to Suicide, much to Lars' horror. Otto, Reggie, and Sam catch up with Lars and his goons, Lars telling Twister's friends that he would never want anything bad to happen to his little brother. Lars then confesses that just because he picks on his little brother so much, it doesn't mean he doesn't care about him, and is close to tears, until Twister reveals that he's still alive and he was hiding nearby.
  • In an episode where the kids join a Sandcastle contest, they unfortunately find out that it's too close to the ocean and the tide threatens to wash it away. They try several things to hold the water off such as digging a moat for the water to come in and forming a barrier with their skim boards. Twister at one point seeks assistance from Lars and friends, but is laughed off. Just when it looks like the group is going to be overcome by the tide, a hand reaches past to help steady the barrier— Lars's hand. He and his friends add their larger surf boards to the barrier, keeping the water at bay long enough for the judges to note the kids' contest entry.
  • Lars yelling at his friends for insulting Twister.
    Lars: Hey! Don't insult Twister! Only I can insult Twister! (smiles warmly at Twister) It's a brother thing.
    Twister: Right. It's a brother thing.
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