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Raimundo is not Reggie and Otto's father
Here's a Poison Oak Epileptic Tree...

He's their older brother, which is why he is somewhat lenient in how he raises them. Reggie and Otto are aware of this but Twister and Sam aren't yet (not really their business). Any stories about their Mother was a fabrication. Ray, Reggie, and Otto actually have three different mothers but they share the same father, Merv Stimpleton (Mrs. Stimpleton is Ray's mother). He used to be quite the player 9 years ago; actually he taught Ray everything he knew about surfing and athletics and for a time they were really close. Ray's girlfriends would go behind his back and have "relations" with his "cool yet distinguished dad". The reason why he so conservative now is because he regrets his past actions and whats to move away from his crazy image. Ray accepted legal guardianship of both Children after Otto was born. Merv's real last name actually was Rocket but he reinvented the "Stimpleton" identity so no one would know who he was (allowing his muscles to atrophy etc.). That's why the Rocket kids are always at the Stimpleton's house. You thought he let Reggie watch his pool because she was "responsible"? No that's a job he would only trust a family member to do. It's also why Ray sneaks into the Stimpleton's pool when they're away, part of it is revenge.

The whole thing is the 'Super Squid' videogame created by Sam
If you see the episode "Sim Sammy", where Sam mades a parody videogame and then decides to do a more accurate one, it make sense that the whole series is the version 2.0 of the Super Squid videogame that Sam created. It would explain the Totally Radical nature of the show, the horrible physics implied and why Sam always tags along with the group, even when his mother is a very overprotective one.

Sam Doullard had Asthma or a severe alergic reaction
Oh, come on... there is a lot of hints to this one. In the first episode one of the first lines spoken by Sam's mother is to remember her kid not to forget his inhalator. Also being moved from Kansas to Santa Monica in California implies that something forced this moving. In adittion to this, the sea breeze is effective in some cases of asthma. However he manages to recover from it. This explains why at the begining he is too bad and then improves into a competent athlete: He is cured from the original illness.
  • This is confirmed in the episode "Big Air" which centers around Sam's asthma, after it lands him in the hospital the rest of the gang decide to "take it easy" with him, though Sam eventually convinces them that having asthma dosen't make him any less fun.
Sam will enlist in the Navy when he grows up.
The rest of the group will join other branches of the US military. Thus, Sam will still get called "Squid".
  • Or Sam will end up being called "Squid" by his shipmates or it will become his call sign if he's a pilot.

The UFO that abducted the whale in the background was piloted by the aliens from the Invader Zim episode "Abducted."
The aliens from that episode abducted a whale so that they could study its appearance. By the time that they abducted Zim, they managed to make their ship look like a whale.