Funny / Rocket Power

  • Super Squid: Where Sammy made himself into The Ace and made his friends look like idiots. Perhaps the best part was in the Shore Shack level.
    "You've been caught in one of Raimando's boring 60s flashbacks."
    • Also, "Never drink the milk from a coconut you found in the dark."
  • Tito and Raymundo can't put up a tent and Tito says this gem.
    "Why don't we throw Tent A into ocean B?"
  • The Great Sandcastle Race: Who ends up winning the sandcastle contest? A six-year-old-girl who was the only one who actually made a sandcastle.
    • Everyone else had made fantastic sculptures (including a perpetual motion device), but it was a sandcastle contest, so they had to give her the prize.
    • "That's the spirit!"
  • The Ice Queens, when Otto is knocked over by a much larger opponent:
    "Why don't you pick on someone with your own steroid dosage?
  • When the kids go to a waterpark, and Twister finds a map with an arrow pointing to his location, saying "You Are Here":
    Twister: "Wow, how does it know!?"
    • Also in the same episode, Twister and Sam accidentally let out a bunch of penguins from their exhibit and they followed them (or rather Sam in his penguin-like poncho) to the water slide.
    • At the end, for their punishment, the kids are forced to move piles upon piles of squids in buckets.
    Twister: (to Sam) I'm never calling you Squid again!
  • In "Island of the Menehune", where the gang goes to Hawaii, Sam takes a small tiki statue from a Menehune temple and they start experiencing a string of misfortunes. When Otto and Reggie are trapped in a flooding cave after surfing the Banzai Pipeline, Sam freaks out and admits what he's done.
    Sam: I pulled a Bobby Brady, dude!
  • Lame-o the clown's "balloon animals"
    Lame-o: Hey, I bet you'd just love a balloon animal. One with four legs and does tricks.
    Sam: A seal?
    Lame-o: Doggie it is!
    • What makes this even funnier is the "doggie" is actually a balloon square.
    • In the same episode, there is the ride operator who keeps laughing like a maniac.
  • In one episode, the kids drain the pool out of the Stimpletons' pool, which they were tasked with keeping watch over while the Stimpletons were away. Unfortunately, they find out later that they drained the pool into the Rockets' basement. Otto has an Oh, Crap! moment while Reggie gets pissed off about it.
    Reggie: "You turned our basement into an aquarium!"
  • "You could take a SHORTCUT!"
  • The following:
    Tourist: What is this "fish taco"?
    Ray: Flounder with pico de gallo in a flour tortilla.
    Tourist: Oh. What's pico de gallo?
    Ray: (irritated) Hot salsa.
    Tourist: Is a fish taco shaped like a fish?
    Ray: SURE! WHATEVER! Now is that what you want!?
    Tourist: Oh, no! I'll have a cheeseburger!
    Tourist's daughter: Try living with him.
  • The episode wherein Tito says he stepped on a piece of lava. Of course, the kids look at him skeptically.