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Heartwarming: Our Little Adventure

Here are some moments in Our Little Adventure that may make you go Awwww...

  • Though Pauline's death was quite a downer and a shock for some readers, Pauline's funeral at the end of 'Book 1' was very respectful and a ended the first book on a somewhat nicer note. They took some money and whipped up an impromptu cremation ceremony to honor their fallen friend. Julie even ended the ceremony with a narm charmy version of When She Loved Me by Sarah Sclachlan.
  • Angelika ignoring her own serious wounds and using a healing potion on Norveg, who was rather severely hurt from a griffin attack. Angelika tried to justify it with a joke about vet bills, but her character development is really beginning to show.
  • Julie's tearful elation over seeing her sister was spared from being killed by Coumadin and the Wraiths. Angelika tries her best to downplay the mush with humor over it and getting mad over her stuff being stolen, but it's still very touching.
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