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Julie and Angelika are Elan and Haley's kids

An annoying bard who's good with a bow and a Chaotic Good(ish) rogue with magical talent? Do the math. Obviously Julie takes after her dad and Angelika takes after Mom.

Emily is some kind of spy or mole for the Souballo Empire.

The more time the second 'book' spends on Emily the less and less Emily seems to be on the level. She's very interested in Julie's mission and has tried to get info out of her more than once. Lately, she has been revealed to be rather racist towards Elves and was fairly friendly towards the imperial commandos they met on the road.
  • This theory is twisted up even more with Emily actively helping Julie and the group fight a group of Angelo's Kids in a town they stopped in. Either this theory is false and she's not really a spy, or Emily really wants to maintain the deception and (re)gain Julie's trust...or she might not know Angelo's Kids and The Souballo Empire are two parts of the same thing.
    • Now people are saying Emily isn't a spy for the Souballo Empire, but some unnamed third party.
  • Confirmed. She's a servant of Angelo. Or rather, she's the host of one.

The Empire resurrected Pauline

The character sheets provided by the author of the comic mention that the Empire's top spellcasters are involved in "reconstruction" of souls in addition to simple creation, so it's possible that she was forcibly taken from the afterlife and reincarnated as an Empire soldier now called "Paula." Paula appears to be Lawful Neutral (due to her loyalty to the Empire, her ability to cast the Lawful spell "Dictum" without being deafened, and her vocal disapproval of - but no onscreen attempts to halt - the Empire's more unethical experiments), while Pauline was definitively Chaotic Good; however, even beyond the similarity in names, Paula does share Pauline's surly attitude, so perhaps the Empire just twisted her moral world-view when they forced her back. Most importantly, Paula was introduced in a comic titled "She looks familiar," even though it was made to look like the title was referring to the elf disguised as Julie.
  • Jossed as of the end of Book 3, where we find out Pauline was revived for real by her original buddies.

Angelo was the last adventurer the Palm Tree Ghost charged with finding the Magicant.

In this strip, the PTG mentioned that "the last guy I sent to find it ended up becoming-" before Julie was awakened. Obviously, given the subject matter of said strip (which involved mentioning The End of the World as We Know It), it's clearly referring to somebody very evil. And given that Angelo is all but stated to be mentally unstable (and taking medicine for it), coupled with that the strip hasn't introduced any other major evil mortals outside of Brian, Angelo is probably the one that the PTG is talking about.