Heartwarming / Original Life

  • Fisk playing with Janie when she was a baby. All at once now, "Daaaaawwwwww!"
  • Fisk and Abigail discussing her plans for the pool.
  • When what Elizabeth calls "The Great Fattening" (i.e., starting to show she's pregnant with Janie) begins, Fisk reassures her that he still finds her attractive, both vocally, and ''physically''.
  • This scene from after Janie broke her arm during cheerleading tryouts (All Angelica's idea, by the way) of her confiding in her little brother, Thomas. Sure, they give each other a lot of flack, but they're still brother and sister, and they still care about each other... In their own, weird little way.
  • Janie and Charlie after the whole incident with Abigail's invention. No matter what happens, they're still friends, and they still respect and care about each other.
  • People like to rag on Fisk and say he's not a good dad/husband, but consider Page 270.
    • Also, Pages 84-86, where Fisk and Janie go for a run in the morning. Up to this point, Janie's been wondering about spirituality and such, and it's confusing her. Fisk takes the time to talk with her about it and help her try and figure things out. He let's her know there's nothing wrong with being uncertain, and their whole overall talk is very deep and meaningful, and it shows how close they are as father and daughter.
      • Even after that, when Red shows up at Fisk's house with that mission to Baja to try and seduce him like she's been trying to do for years. She gets there just in time to see them get back from their run, and another moment of Father-daughter cuteness, which makes her recant her desire to get with Fisk for now.
    • From Pages 506-507, we see Fisk's reactions to his kids in the world where he never married Elizabeth. Say what you will about Fisk, but he knows that kids need to run and play and imagine and interact with other kids, in order to learn and grow, and come into themselves as people. They need to have the freedom to be themselves, not have their hyperactivity quelled with depressants/drugs. The lazy, boring, emotionally-deprived versions of Janie, Thomas, and Abigail he sees in the world his guardian angel shows him? Well, if his own words:
    Fisk: Those aren't kids!
  • Fisk and Elizabeth just having fun with an incredibly corny joke he made.
  • As controversial as the Lemonade Stand arc may have been, what is the first thing Abigail does with her "earnings"? Buys something nice (and incredibly expensive) for her dad.
    • Also, Fisk here, showing once again that he's a good dad, and really adores his kids. You can practically hear the smile in his voice:
    Abigail: Dad, I have something for you.
    Fisk (totally sincere here): I love those little pictures you make out of macaroni glued to paper.
  • Ah, young love.
  • (Sniffle) Best friends these two. Best friends.
  • Charlie and Thomas during the "epic" battle between the boys and the girls for control of the swimming pool:
    Thomas: You're a cool girl, you should join our side.
    Charlie: Okay.
  • "Mm, Cuddles!"
  • From the second South Haven arc:
    • The Meet Cute between Aron and Audrey. They had only just met, and there was just this genuine connection between the two of them. Say nothing of Aron's thoughts on how it happened.
    Aron: Normally, when I sense a cute girl, my heart swells to the soulful sounds of Marvin Gaye. But when I approached her from behind, my head was guided by Mozart's Duettino Sull'aria.
    • Audrey being genuinely touched that Aron would actually dress in drag just to talk to her.
    Audrey: No one's ever gone to these lengths to get close to me, before!
    • Even after the Unsettling Gender Reveal, Aron's still attracted to Audrey. He just had to "go through a brief mental adjustment" because he wasn't expecting it was all. He even texts her (after retrieving his phone from Trixie) that he likes her and wants to hang out more, to which she smiles and says she wants to see him again too.
    Aron: She's still the same person I loved hanging out with, and she's still attractive. All cute and charming.
    • When they finally do go out on a date, it's a simple walk on the beach, and they genuinely enjoy one another's company. When Aron mentions he got his massage therapy license the previous month, Aubrey thinks about asking for one, but refrains, not wanting to sound entitled as his date. However, Aron has this to say about that:
    Aron: It's alright! With you, it won't feel like work.
    • Not only that, but the fact that Aubrey has no qualms stripping down for the aforementioned massage. Granted, this is South Haven, so nudity isn't that big a deal, but the fact that she trusts Aron that much, even after he found out about her having a penis, really speaks volumes about her relationship with him.
    • The most recent comic in the Adult Catalog also reveals that the two of them had sex during the course of Aron's massage, and at the end, they both fell asleep snuggled in one another's arms cutely. Plus, while they were intimate, Aron showed no signs of hesitation or discomfort regarding Aubrey's genitalia, which further cements the belief that he doesn't care about that, only that the two of them have a real connection, and that he cares about her as a person and as someone who is important to him.
    • And afterwards, when the two of them are having coffee, Aron has his arm around her the whole time. Awwwwww!
  • When Fisk's guardian angel pays him a visit to show him why he should glad to be alive (in order to earn its' wings), Fisk firmly and sincerely states, "But I already love my life." With all the shit he's been put through in Better Days while growing up, Fisk has come out of it a better person, and someone who embraces the hand he's been dealt, living life to the fullest and enjoying the quiet, happy moments he has with his family. It's a single sentence, but it says so much about how far Fisk has come, and how much he's grown as a person.
    • Another one from the Guardian Angel Arc, which actually addresses something from Better Days that hasn't appeared since it's predacessor's completion. Page 511 reveals that Fisk's old Army buddy, Carlos- who many readers believe to have been put on a bus after committing suicide offscreen- is revealed to still be alive after all this time, unlike the world where Fisk never existed. In the real world, Fisk actually got through to Carlos when he refused to help him commit suicide after his injury overseas seemingly robbed him of his ability to walk, and he made more of an effort to get his life back as a result of Fisk's refusal. It took him years of physical therapy, but Carlos is now able to walk again (albiet with a cane). Fisk may not be everyone's favorite character here, but it's because of him that his friend is still alive and active to this day.
  • How Abigail views the universe. Wise beyond her years, this one.
    Janie: Does the size of the universe ever make you feel insignificant?
    Abigail: Not really. You're just talking about a huge acclimation of stuff. Life is what's really awesome. A star can't be happy. A nebula isn't aware of its own existence.