Heartwarming / Osmosis Jones

  • "Your Momma says 'Hi.'"- Frank to Shane after his near-death experience.
  • Ozzy's speech to Drix about sugar pills that believed in themselves, sure it may have been made up, but like he said.
  • Ozzy finally earning the love from the cell of his dreams and getting a kiss from her to boot.
    Leah: Come here, baby. I'm still Jonesin' for a little more osmosis.
  • At the ending:
    Drix: Um, [Mayor]? If it's all the same to you, I think I'll stay with Jones.
  • Also at the ending, where Frank is hiking with Shane. He's out of breath, he's tired, he's not feeling well, and he needs a break before they can go back down...but he's trying to be healthier for her.