Fridge / Osmosis Jones

Fridge Brilliance

  • All the white blood cells are voiced by black actors.
  • Thrax picking up a bit of DNA from hypothalami as a trophy. In the Real World, some viruses actually pick up bits of host DNA and carry it with them. He also is far more interested in killing than in reproducing and spreading; this means that, like a Real Life super-lethal virus, he wouldn't be able to cause disease in many people (see below).

Fridge Horror

  • Frank will die one day, and when he does the cell civilization inside him will be destroyed. Now, imagine if everyone else had a civilization of cells living inside them...
  • Also, everybody is basically controlled by a "mayor" and multiple other body cells inside the head. Basically, nobody actually has any free will...
    • But we are controlled by multiple cells inside of our heads.
    • If it's any consolation, in the animated spin-off, The City of Hector's mayor deliberately cranks up his phobia of water(gotten after he almost drowned) to keep him out of the pool. Hector overcomes this anyway, so there is some leeway.
  • When you think about it, a sentient virus would pride themselves on killing everything, so slowly but surely Thrax aims to try and kill every living thing on Earth.
    • Not really. Viruses in the Real World evolve for two things: to make more of themselves and spread to other hosts. A virus that quickly killed its host would severely hamper its own spread (see: Ebola). In many ways, Thrax actually behaves much more like an engineered bioweapon than like a naturally occurring virus (see Art Major Biology entry). Which would mean that he was designed for killing, and that whoever created him (terrorists, the military, take your pick) has more samples stored away...
    • According to The Other Wiki, bacillus anthracis is a soil-borne bacteria that can be contracted via ingestion and causes death by invoking cold or flu-like symptoms, such as, say, a fever. Bacillus anthracis. Otherwise known as anthrax. What's even more disturbing? How anthrax was even exposed to the monkey cage at the zoo in the first placed, and how many cases of Thrax are now just waiting to happen...
      • Thrax may be named for anthrax, but he doesn't cause that disease though. He causes an entirely fictional disease, the Red Death.
  • Speaking of Thrax, keep in mind that viruses multiply. Just one Red Death virus was enough to kill someone. There could be millions of Thraxes out there.
  • The way Thrax is hellbent on killing as many humans as possible, as quickly as possible, it could be a class 1 or 2 for the outside world if he escaped Frank.
  • When Thrax died in the beaker of alcohol, that's what happens to every germ on your body whenever you use hand sanitizer. Yikes.
  • Because of Aesop Amnesia, in Ozzy and Drix, Frank for some reason starts becoming unhealthy again, and both Ozzy and Drix are carried away by a mosquito to someone else...
    • Considering Shane is absent and Ozzy talks about getting promoted out of "snot patrol"(when he should have something much higher after the events of the movie), it's possible this is an alternate universe.