Video Game / Rally-X

If Pac-Man were a car, this is how he would live.

Rally-X was a 1980 arcade game by Namco focusing upon a lone race car and its quest to locate and collect the multitude of flags hidden throughout mazes. Its task was hindered by murderous red race cars whose sole objective was to locate you and kamikaze into your car. Your only defenses against them were your impeccable driving skills and a smoke screen. The smoke screen would cause the enemy cars to become disoriented for a few seconds while you tried to escape and locate the rest of the flags within the round.

The quest was also hindered by obstacles in the road — the occasional rockslide, for instance.

The maze changes from level to level. And you cannot see it all at once. There is a radar map to show you where all the flags and the enemy cars are, but it does not show you the walls — and you do need to know where they are!


  • Cast from Hit Points: Using the smoke screen costs a portion of your remaining fuel.
  • Collision Damage: Running into a boulder or an enemy vehicle will cause you to lose a life and generate an explosion labelled BANG.
  • Engrish: Bonus rounds are called "Charanging (read: challenging) Stages."
  • Power-Up — there is one "special" flag per level. Once you collect it, every flag you collect after it doubles in points.
  • Respawning Enemies: You can get enemy cars killed, but they always come back.
  • Updated Re-release: New Rally-X. The game was made way easier by highlighting the "special" flag on your radar and sending fewer enemy cars after you from the first level. It also added a "lucky" flag that gives you bonus points based on how much fuel you have left. The sound, music and graphics were also improved.