Heartwarming: 101 Dalmatians

(1961) Disney Adaptation

  • Pongo's a really caring guy, especially towards Perdita.
    Pongo: Perdita, darling, are you all right?
    Perdita: Oh, of course, dear. After all, dogs were having puppies long before our time.
  • Pongo' idea to use the twilight bark as a Gondor Calls for Aid.
    Perdita: The twilight bark? But dear, that's only a gossip chain.
    Pongo: Darling, it's the very fastest way to send news. And if our puppies are anywhere in the city, the London dogs will know. Now we'll send the word tonight when our pets take us for a walk in the park.
    • How every dog in the city immediately looks concerned upon hearing the alert and stops what they're doing to bark and spread the news.
  • It's hard to tell whose adoption of the other 84 puppies was more heartwarming, the dogs or the humans.
    • "...But whaddabout the others? What'll they do?" Pongo and Perdita definitely raised their kids right.
      • "We'll take them with us. All of them." Just the way Pongo says it—it's beyond argument. The firmness of the statement is probably meant to reassure the other, non-Pongo puppies, who are looking horribly scared and vulnerable waiting for his answer.
  • At the very beginning, Pongo being worried enough about his Roger that he starts scouring the street below for potential "mates" for him (and admittedly, for himself). And succeeds!

Patch's London Adventure

  • After Patch and Thunderbolt learn the puppies have been captured by Cruella (again). Thunderbolt at first hesitates to help, but can't resist Patch due to Cuteness Proximity.
    Thunderbolt: You see I'm not really a...(notices Patch snuggled up against his paw) Of course I'll help you Patch.
  • Once all the puppies are safe and sound, Pongo thanks Thunderbolt for saving his family to which he responds "Oh, don't thank me. Thank your son. He's the real hero."
  • Oddly enough, Horace and Jasper pull a Heel-Face Turn post credits and become artists themselves, selling sundresses.