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Awesome / 101 Dalmatians

(1961) Disney Adaptation

  • You do NOT want to get caught trying to hurt Pongo and Perdita's pups, trust me.
  • Roger having the guts to stand up to Cruella and decline her offer for the puppies.
    • Made better by the fact that he stutters through his speech, showing he's more nervous than his expression would suggest. Unless, that is, you see him as just barely managing to control his temper.
    • Considering he didn't move an inch while Anita was hugging him long after Cruella had left, it's quite possible that he had passed out from terror. Who could blame him?
  • The Twilight Bark sequence, and not just because we get to see cameos of all our favorite dog characters from Lady and the Tramp.
  • Sergeant Tibbs. EVERYTHING about him, but particularly noteworthy is that when Jasper is standing over the cornered pups, he spreads his front paws in front of them, shielding them despite being absolutely terrified. Fortunately, Pongo and Perdita burst in at the last second to stop the hoods.
    • Plus the Captain and the Colonel's final scene where the Colonel promises to hold Jasper and Horace off and the Captain giving the crooks a firm kick in the pants!
  • The collie that runs after the Pongos to get them out of the storm, which absolutely saved their lives. The dogs of the countryside had apparently set up a 24-hour watch, specifically for the purpose of helping the dalmatian caravan get home safely, and the Collie's appearance and reassuring voice was just an overwhelming rush of relief.
  • Later on the labrador that helps them get on the truck and then runs back to stop Horace and Jasper, giving the dalmatians just enough time to escape.
  • The truck driver doing his best to fight back against Cruella in the climax. He doesn't realize there are a hundred and one dalmatians hitching a ride in the back of his truck, just that there's a crazy woman driver practically hanging off the back of it, and he's not going to put up with her shenanigans.

Patch's London Adventure

  • The Twilight Bark makes a triumphant return and helps save the puppies (again).
  • Thunderbolt's Big Damn Heroes moment when he tries to save the puppies.
    Thunderbolt: Hey, I may not be a real hero, but I can act like one. I'll distract them.
  • Lars, standing up to Cruella when he learns she wants him to skin the puppies "for art". It didn't work out exactly the way he wanted but, good effort Lars.
  • Patch tying up Cruella and saving Rolly, in almost the exact same way Thunderbolt did to the villain in his film near the beginning of the movie. Tying her up with her makeshift wipe and catapulting himself and Rolly back onto the Double Decker bus.
  • Unlike the Karma Houdini Cruella, Horace and Jasper pulled in the first film (other than Cruella being put on probation and the boys spending a few nights in jail because of the wreck) they are all arrested by the police in the sequel. Best of all Nanny got to witness this, no doubt very satisfying after what Jasper and Horace pulled earlier.
    • However, Jasper and Horace are turned loose after they, finally having had enough of Cruella, confessed to Nanny, Roger and Anita that it was their boss who told them to get the puppies and is behind the dognapping. After they are both pardoned, they apparently go straight and obtain their own line of sundresses.