Funny / 101 Dalmatians

(1961) Disney Adaptation

  • The Truck Driver that the dogs are hitching a ride from gets exasperated as Cruella Drives Like Crazy.
    Truck Driver: Hey, lady! What in thunder are you tryin' to do? Crazy woman driver!
    • What's great about this part is the fact that he doesn't put up with it, and fights back. Though that's more like a moment of awesome.
  • Pongo practically drunk with happiness upon learning he's just become a father 15 times over.
    Roger: Oh, Pongo, you old rascal!
  • When the new dalmatian family is watching Thunderbolt, with one of the puppies resting on Pongo's head, and this little exchange:
    Patch: That dirty old horse thief! (growls and chews the rug) I'd like to tear his gizzard out!
    Perdita: Why, Patch! Where did you ever hear such talk? Certainly not from your mother. (glares at Pongo, who smirks)
  • Roger doesn't waste any opportunity to poke fun at Cruella.
    • Ditto for Cruella at Roger.
    • What also makes this funny is that there's almost no change in Roger and Pongo when Cruella throws ink all over them.
  • Roger singing "Cruella DeVil" before going upstairs to continue playing the song by slamming the piano really loudly. And then playing it on the trumpet. And then on the trombone. All of which can be heard from downstairs while Cruella's visiting.
    • Made funnier by the fact that Roger came up with the lyrics right after saying Cruella's name
  • "Fifteen spotted puddles stolen? Oh, balderdash!"
  • Jasper attempting to drink Sgt Tibbs, thinking him to be his alcohol.
  • Pongo's entire opening monologue is really quite funny, from him finding it ridiculous that Roger writes love songs and knows nothing about love, to him looking through Roger's Playboy-type magazines to get an idea of the kind of woman Roger might be interested in.
    • Not to mention when he finally spots Anita and Perdita, he's so busy checking out the hot lady dalmatian that he almost forgets to check Anita too.
  • The scene where the couples finally meet in the park is both this and incredibly adorable.
    • Specifically the moment where Anita's handkerchief is soaked and Roger attempts to offer his, not realizing that it'd be equally useless. They look at the thing in silence, then the absurdity of the situation makes them laugh long and hard.
  • The deleted song "Don't Buy a Parrot from a Sailor", which was to be sung by Horace and Jasper. In the special features, it plays over sketches of Pongo and Perdita attacking them.
  • Lucky stands in front of the TV while watching their favorite show Thunderbolt, when the laughing villain's face appears scaring Lucky.
  • During the Twilight Bark sequence a small Jack Russell Terrier (?) is standing on a fence post. He yips to send the message along, but vibrates up and down like a jackhammer, hopping backwards until his back legs slip off the post and he has to stop and hang on with his front legs. Watch!
  • For those in the audience familiar with the show What's My Line?, the game show that Horace and and Jasper are watching is a hilariously accurate parody. And incidentally, Walt Disney himself made an appearance on What's My Line in 1956!
  • As Horace and Jasper search the village for the Dalmatians, Horace notices the dogs, disguised as Labradors to avoid being recognized, making their escape, and becomes suspicious:

(1996) Live Action

  • Cruella
    Cruella: Do you like spots, Fredric?
    Fredric: I don't believe so, Madame. I thought we liked stripes this year.
    Cruella: What kind of sycophant are you?
    Fredric: What kind of sycophant would you like me to be?
    Cruella: More good women fall to marriage that war, famine, disease and disaster. You have talent, darling. Don't squander it.
    Cruella: Alonzo, the drawing. - Beat - Take! The drawing from Anita! And hand it to me! Is it difficult?!
    • The simple fact that she called her butler to fetch the sketch from the woman right in front of her.
  • When Pongo is sprinting while leashed Roger's bike in tow (narrowly missing several people and cars). Eventually it culminates when Pongo breaks free of his leash and then Roger plowing his bike into a bench, sending him flying into the pond!
    • "I actually crashed my bike into the pond. The only part of my body that wasn't injured was my head, now thanks to you I have the complete set of bodily injuries."

The Sequel

  • Like in the first film, Cruella is this when she's not dishing out the Nightmare Fuel.
    Cruella: Don't worry - I've got a perfectly good idiot to take the fall for it.
    Alonzo smiles proudly.
    Cruella: Not you, Alonzo. Another idiot.

    Cruella: Alonzo! Find the rat and kill it! Le Pelt and I will be on the Orient Express!
    Alonzo: K... k... k... KILL?
    Cruella: The last time I underestimated a puppy, I wound up in the pokey!

  • Towards the end of the film, Cruella's plot has been foiled again, and she's suffered a particularly brutal Humiliation Conga that's resulted in her being baked into a large cake. As the police are leading her away, Le Pelt is asking how they're going to get out of this mess. Cruella's response? "Piece of cake."

Patch's London Adventure

  • The Thunderbolt auditions.
    Thunderbolt: (old hound dog appears to have finally stopped howling) Hey that's very (old hound dog starts back up again) Oh there's more!
  • Poor Jasper, Disguised in Drag.
  • And how can we possibly forget Cruella's reaction to hearing Roger's insulting song about her from her car's radio? To add insult to injury moments prior, she had just been rejected by the fur clothing store owner and is sadly entering her car.
    Cruella: Could things possibly be any worse?
    [Starts the car, the song plays]
    Roger [on Radio]: Cruella De Vil, Cruella De—
    Cruella [kicking the Radio]: SHUT UP! SHUT UP! SHUT UP!
    (Radio falls out the dashboard; Cruella groans and sobs as she starts the Car soon falls apart once again)