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Funny: 101 Dalmatians

(1961) Disney Adaptation

  • The Truck Driver that the dogs are hitching a ride from gets exasperated as Cruella Drives Like Crazy.
    Truck Driver: Hey, lady! What in thunder are you tryin' to do? Crazy woman driver!
    • What's great about this part is the fact that he doesn't put up with it, and fights back. Though I suppose that's more like a moment of awesome.
  • Roger doesn't waste any opportunity to poke fun at Cruella.
    • Ditto for Cruella at Roger.
    • What also makes this funny is that there's almost no change in Roger and Pongo when Cruella throws ink all over them.
  • Roger singing "Cruella DeVil" before going upstairs to continue playing the song by slamming the piano really loudly. And then playing it on the trumpet. And then on the trombone. All of which can be heard from downstairs while Cruella's visiting.
  • Jasper attempting to drink Sgt Tibbs, thinking him to be his alcohol

The Series

  • In "Shake, Rattle and Woof," Cruella is trying to get Roger to sign a contract that would supposedly make Spot and three main dalmatian pup characters into stars. Roger asks her how he can know that these aren't the same old empty promises and Cruella tells him that he doesn't have to worry — these are new empty promises.
  • The presence in the local town of a thrift store called "Cruella Cares."
  • Cruella never gets Roger's name right when speaking it out loud... but has no problem coming up with the correct name when writing it on a check in an attempt to buy the farm.
  • Following Cruella's brief change of heart in the Christmas Episode she decides to start giving gifts, but after being told that all the stores are closed since it's Christmas, she improvises with office supplies... and proceeds to toss a photo copier out the top story window onto the people ice skating in front of her office building with absolute glee.
  • Cruella and her mother being genuinely disturbed by Cruella's niece Ivy gleefully exclaiming that, since Cruella's now going to get everything her mother owns when she dies, and Ivy will get everything Cruella owns, she gets everything and proceeds to insanely laugh like a little demon before the end credits begin.
  • How Cadpig reacts to being told that Anita no longer works for Cruella in "Robo Rolly":
    Cadpig: Don't toy with my emotions, I'm fragile...and so are you!
  • The Playing Cyrano scene in "Swine Song":
    Cadpig: Oh Dumpling, beloved...
    Rolly: Oh Dumpling, you mud-head!
    Spot: He's dead.

Patch's London Adventure

  • The Thunderbolt auditions.
    Thunderbolt: (old hound dog appears to have finally stopped howling) Hey that's very (old hound dog starts back up again) Oh there's more!
  • Poor Jasper, Disguised in Drag.
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