Heartwarming: Sleeping Beauty

  • The Fairies truly take it upon themselves to raise Aurora, becoming no less than her foster mothers. The scene where they reminisce about raising Aurora and tearfully realize that she'll never be with them again is genuinely pretty heartbreaking.
    • No-longer-accessible games at the Disney Princess website showed that Aurora still considered the fairies family after leaving them, referring to them as her "aunts" like in the movie.
  • Aurora and Philip's first meeting (as adults) is very adorable.
    • And while it's mostly played for laughs, the fact that the owl and those other animals stole the prince's cloak, hat and boots was all in order to make Aurora happy was rather adorable.
  • After Flora and Fauna deliver faint praise to each other's failures at sewing Aurora a new dress and baking her a cake, Merryweather tells them to think how miserable "Rose" would feel having such an ugly dress and inedible cake on her 16th birthday, then storms off to get the wands so that she and the other fairies can treat Aurora/Rose more lavishly.
  • The kiss, of course, followed by the Good Fairies' joyful tears.
  • Aurora's reunion with her parents after 16 years apart.