Heartwarming / King's Quest IV: The Perils Of Rosella

  • Edgar, full stop. At first, Lolotte simply wants to kill you, but Edgar begs for your life and Lolotte sends you after the three treasures. After you do this, Lolotte decides to make you marry Edgar. Fully aware you don't love him since you don't even know him, he sneaks you a red rose with a key on it so you can escape. Then, he lets you go, and asks only to marry you later. You let him down gently. note 
  • Even if Genesta had her own reasons to ask for Rosella's help, the fact that she brought Rosella to Tamir to help her father speaks volumes.
  • He turns into a real jackass later, but it was very nice of the Frog Prince to get your ball back for you.
  • You help a completely destitute fisherman and his wife by giving them treasure. He insists on giving you a fishing pole.
  • Rosella returns a pouch of diamonds the dwarves left in their home. Not only does the dwarf let you keep it, but he also gives you a practical lantern.
  • The whole game. Rosella doesn't go on this quest for fame, fortune, or glory. She just wants to help her father get well.
  • At the very end of the game in the Golden Ending, Rosella puts her father's feather cap back on his head, saying he still has life and adventures a-plenty in him.
  • Helping out some of the ghosts counts. The miser might still be stingy, but giving a baby a rattle to help him sleep, bringing a wife her late husband's medal, and giving the boy his cherished toy will certainly give the feels.
  • After you defeated Lolotte, the winged goons bow down respectfully to you everytime you walk near them. This may strongly imply that even they suffer greatly under Lolotte's reign and are more than happy that you got rid of her.