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Heartwarming: Kid Icarus: Uprising
  • Pit's dedication to Palutena goes to the extreme especially in Uprising where he'll kill gods and goddesses and wipe out entire forces if she gives the orders. Pit even admits that he did everything for her because she was on the side of justice and wouldn't take it any other way. Becomes a Tear Jerker as well when Palutena gets controlled by Chaos Kin and everyone is against saving her and despite Palutena's harsh words about him being useless and naive to her, he risked his life to save her.
  • The relationship between Pit and Dark Pit comes off as a cute sibling rivalry as the game goes on. Despite Dark Pit's claims to get rid of Pit, he'll still help Pit out when the situation calls for it. Despite their claims of not caring for each other Pit almost killed himself trying to save Dark Pit from Chaos Kin at the cost of burning his wings while Dark Pit dove into the Underworld to bring Pit's soul back and save him from death. A huge case of Aww, Look! They Really Do Love Each Other.
    • The victory screen of a Light Vs. Dark match where an angel deals the finishing blow. Regardless of whether it's Pit extending a hand to help a defeated Dark Pit to his feet, or vice versa, the other gladly accepts it.
  • After the Chaos Kin is defeated and Pit is healed at the Rewind Spring, Pit's reunion with Palutena.
    Pit: I missed you so much!
  • The Centurions dedication to Pit, and his caring for them during the Aurum invasion. After Virdi's troops moving the platform pit's on after loosing the power of flight are killed saving him from a solar flare, Pit is stranded... until Palutena calls in the centurions, both for backup and to pull the chariot. Pit immidietly wants them called back for their own saftey... only for one of them to tell him it was okay and that they'd do anything for their captain and the earth.
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