Heartwarming / Iron Druid Chronicles



  • When Atticus talks with the Virgin Mary about the widow Mac Donagh
    The Virgin’s smile became even brighter. “She prays to me daily, you know. And recently she’s been asking to keep you safe. So you must remain safe, Mr. O’Sullivan, and return my love to her. She has a beautiful soul.”


  • Atticus' friendship with Jesus counts as one, when you remember that Atticus considers Christianity one of the reasons that Druidism fell into obscurity. Just the fact that he and Jesus greet each other so fondly, and chat about the fun times they had, is downright wonderful.
    • Jesus' portrayal in Hammered should count as a Meta-example of Heartwarming. Having the author do things like point out Jesus' possible original skin tone, and his poking fun of people using Jesus' name in vain is funny, but the author never crosses any lines, and his having Jesus be nothing but compassionate in his appearance is genuinely touching.


  • Atticus asks Jesus how the widow Mac Donagh fares:
    Jesus: Katie is at peace and with me.
    Atticus: Please give her my love. I miss her.
    Jesus: I will. She misses you too. You were a blessing to her in the sunset of her life.

Across Books
  • The absolute conviction Oberon and Atticus have in their love for each other certainly counts.
    • In Hounded, Atticus coming to save Oberon:
    Atticus: I'm coming, buddy. I love you.
    • In Shattered, Owen asks why Oberon likes Atticus:
    Oberon: Atticus loves me.
    • In Staked, Atticus heals Oberon directly, something very risky to do, because messing up anything would mean Atticus' death. And the two-thousand-something guy who has to stop Ragnarok risks this for his dog.
      • No. Not for his dog. For his best friend. Who just so happens to also be his dog.